What’s Happening in Israel?

So much is happening in Israel today, here’s a glimpse at some of the news stories.

1. Political Turmoil

Prime Minister Bennett’s coalition has experienced tensions of late. First, the Islamist Ra’am “froze its coalition participation during last month’s unrest and riots at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.” Posting on Facebook Ra’am party head Mansour Abbas wrote, “his party would determine its position on the Mount based on the views of Jordanian King Abdullah II, of whom he said was the rightful custodian of the holy site.” Former Prime Minister and Likud member Benjamin Netanyahu claimed the days of Bennett’s rule are numbered.

2. Defending Family and Community

In Tekoa Sunday night a couple “jumped right out of our chairs,” as they “spotted a person climbing the fence right in front of us.” Yair Maimon shouted at the man to identify himself. When he gave an unintelligible reply, Maimon grabbed his M16 rifle because he realized it was a terrorist attack, and he was a part of the security team. Urging his wife to notify the Security Team, he approached the intruder and at point blank range neutralized him. When asked how the community was coping with the incident he answered their neighbors are “very much aware of the threats but not living in fear.” The terrorist was identified as a member of Hamas “though the terror group did not explicitly order him to attack.”

3. Cyber Threats Uncovered

“A US-Israeli Cyber firm, Cybereason, uncovers a ‘massive’ Chinese-backed industrial espionage ring. Cybereason reports the ring is “one of the most prolific and industrious” in cyber threat landscape, targeted dozens of tech and manufacturing companies on three continents.” Israel has political tensions, threats from within its borders by Hamas and other terror groups, and assists in protecting global targets as well.

That’s life in Israel. Continue to pray for the “peace of Jerusalem.”

(Source: The Times of Israel)