What’s Next for the U.S.-Israel Relationship?

Since U.S. President Joe Biden took office nearly a month ago, many of us have had the same question on our minds: What will be his administration’s relationship with Israel? We received some clarity on that question yesterday in the form of a statement from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki: 

“First, let me say, on Israel, I know there’s been some questions about when the President will speak with Prime Minister Netanyahu, which was, I think, the root of that question or how the question started,” Psaki said, addressing concerns that Biden was intentionally ignoring the Israeli leader, according to worldisraelnews.com. “So let me first confirm for you that his first call with a leader in the region will be with Prime Minister Netanyahu. It will be soon. I don’t have an exact day for you, but it is soon. Stay tuned.” 

When asked if Israel is an ally of the United States, she said, “Israel is, of course, an ally. Israel is a country where we have an important strategic security relationship. And our team is fully engaged—not at the head-of-state level quite yet, but very soon. But our team is fully engaged, having constant conversations at many levels with the Israelis.”

Many people believed the warm relations between Israel and the Trump administration would cause Biden’s administration to grow colder to Israel to reverse course. That’s why this announcement of planned meetings and declaration that the two nations are undoubtedly allies bodes well for all. Psaki’s statement comes with an expectation that the U.S., whose relationship with Israel has blossomed like never before in recent years, will maintain this strong alliance. We who live in America can take comfort knowing, at least on the official record, our nation has committed to continuing to bless Israel, and God promises to bless those who bless His people.