Who Will Win?

Today is election day in Israel and with 40 parties vying for the top spot, the big question becomes, “Who Will Win?”

Likud leader Benjamin Netyanyahu touts his position points as “maintaining the Temple Mount status quo, denying 2021 talks with the Arab Party, vowing to neutralize the Lebanon deal, and pledges to quash bills that will affect his trial.”

Current Prime Minister Lapid appeals for “an Israel that is one extended family in spite of our differences, where every community feels they have a place. These elections are between the past and the future. This isn’t about me, it’s about us.”

Yair Rosenberg in his article in The Atlantic explains The ‘Us’ in Israel. It is basically made up of a split country composed of supporters of Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies, “with the other made up of a motley crew of leftists, conservatives, Jews and Arabs who have united to deny Netanyahu-currently on trial for corruption-another term.” He continues, “Past elections were a referendum on Netanyahu himself and whether he would be able to wriggle out of his corruption case. But this election has also become a referendum on Arab inclusion in Israeli politics and the potential mainstreaming of the far right in parliament.”

As with any election there is anticipation and trepidation. So on this election day, may the peoples’ vote be clear, and God’s will be done.

(Sources: The Times of Israel, Carrie Keller-Lynn; The Atlantic, Yair Rosenberg)