You Can’t Do That!

Rafael Grossi, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General, confronted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s promise to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. In Tehran for talks with top Iranian officials, including with Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, he called such an attack ‘illegal.’ Citing two reasons for his comment, he argued, “First up, because of the conflict in Ukraine, assaults on nuclear power stations have regretfully increased in frequency. Second up, during the Agency’s open sessions, these attacks were denounced. Thus, in my opinion, the attack on nuclear plants is utterly condemned and unlawful.”

However, Prime Minister Netanyahu quickly responded from his Sunday cabinet meeting, “Rafael Grossi is a worthy gentleman who said something unworthy. We are on the eve of Purim: where 2,500 years ago, an enemy arose in Persia who sought to destroy the Jews. They did not succeed then, neither will they succeed today. I say this because nothing will deter us from defending our country and preventing our enemies from eliminating the state of the Jews. I wish the entire people of Israel a Happy Purim.”

Two statements concerning the survival of the Jewish state. One, using a weak argument to prevent the attack, the other with a determined resolve to prevent Iran from carrying out their plan to destroy Israel, an act they eagerly await and aim toward.

Survival is a primary drive in human beings and also in nations. While Iran threatens, Israel determines to survive. With Prime Minister Netanyahu we say, Happy Purim to all Jewish People. Am Yisroel Chai! The Jewish People Live!

(Source: The Jewish Press, David Israel)