Young Israelis Discover Israel’s Ties to the Land

Hundreds of young Israelis enjoyed a special week at the biblical site of Tel Haya in Samaria. They took part in conservation work and archaeological excavations, discovering ancient coins and tools at the site. This particular site has proven fruitful in recent history and has further revitalized the world of the Bible in modern Israel. Discoveries from past excavations include coins, cooking pots, and a mikveh (a Jewish ritual bath). In July, a team of archaeologists discovered two coins dating back approximately 2,000 years. Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan visited the young people during their time at the site, saying, “The findings you discovered here testify to our [Israel’s] deep roots in the area,” reported. “There is no [other] nation that gets to come home after 2,000 years, discover its deepest roots, and build a future out of them.”

It always brings a smile to my face to hear when archaeologists discover new findings that link the modern Land of Israel to biblical Israel thousands of years ago. Each dig that unearths ancient artifacts only seems to strengthen Israel’s claim to the land, regardless of the rhetoric that is so popular today. The findings were doubly effective because of the people that made the findings: young Israelis. The world’s general position in Israel is not a fair nor pleasant one—in many schools and in the media, young people are bombarded with messages that teach them Israel is a nation built on lies and cruelty. For these young adults to dig with their own hands and see with their own eyes the truth of Israel’s history in the land is a powerful sticking point for them. Such first-hand discoveries are tangible evidence for Israel’s legitimate claims to its own land.