April/May 1983

The Time of Christ's Return

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The Time of Christ’s Return

The disciples were crushed. Jesus was leaving. They had followed Him for three years. The way had been long, the road rough, the obstacles many and the confrontations with the Jewish leadership perplexing.

Because He Lived . . . We too Shall Live!

The one who first suggested that "a man only has to do two things in life - pay income taxes and die,” no doubt spoke in jest. But, he underscored the certainty of paying taxes...

The Russian Bear Casts A Bigger Shadow

The Word of God is clear. A day is coming (we believe during the first half of the Tribulation period) when Russia is going to launch an attack into the Middle East to control the world oil supply.

Searching for The Lost Ark

The Ark of the Covenant was the central furnishing in the Tabernacle and also later in the Temple of Solomon. It was a chest made of acacia wood covered by gold, 3 ¾ feet in length and 2 ¼ feet wide and high.

Joel: The Day of The Lord

The Book of Joel bears its author’s name and means “Jehovah is God.” Little is known of Joel’s background with the exception that his father was Pethuel (1:1) and Luke confirms him as a prophet (Acts 2:16).


The twentieth century man can sit comfortably in his home and watch the devastation which war leaves in its wake - via television documentaries. He watches masses of humanity slaughtered and made refugees, buildings leveled...

JERUSALEM: Infamous End or Glorious Destiny?

Discouragement was the mood of the day. Disappointment was in the heart of every Jew. They were disillusioned. If God himself had let them down, where could they turn?

When Is a Jew Not a Jew?

Upon examining the history of Jewish tradition with regard to this matter, however, one discovers that this interpretation is novel and not in accordance with what classical Judaism has taught for centuries on the subject.

Joel of Jerusalem Apr/May 1983

Here in Israel, one of the most important places for communication is often a public bus. Many times you meet people you know as they are getting on or off, and sometimes you are very surprised at the people you meet.

Daily News from Israel

News Digest — 6/14/24

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday (13th) visited the special anti-terrorism unit base, together with National Security Minister...

News Digest — 6/13/24

Approximately 250 rockets were launched on Wednesday (12th) towards northern Israel, disrupting...

Israel Rescues Four Hostages—and Still Suffers Consequences

IDF soldiers and commandos rescued four hostages from Gaza on Saturday. The daring rescue took place in a...

Rescued Hostages May Have Saved the Israeli Government!

Knesset member Benny Gantz RESIGNED from Netanyahu's wartime cabinet and called for new elections...

News Digest — 6/12/24

Hezbollah announced the death of a senior commander in an alleged Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon on Tuesday night (11th), as the terror group fired...

News Digest — 6/11/24

The Wall Street Journal, on Monday night (10th) revealed condemning correspondence between...

Israel at War: Week 35

It seems that the numbers Hamas has used to detail Israel’s causing civilian deaths in large numbers are not accurate...

News Digest — 6/10/24

A cell of Hezbollah operatives launched anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli fighter jets over southern...

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