April/May 1985

The First Temptation—The Final Sin

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Let me say it up front - unadorned - without apology and accurately. Man, without God, is hopelessly lost. He is like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn't there.

Back to The Sheep

David! The very mention of his name will captivate the mind of any Jewish person. This shepherd-king is the hero of Israel. Every Jewish mother would love to have a son like him.

THE PERVERSE PEOPLE: Manifestation of Justice

History is punctuated by nations who spread themselves like a green bay tree, and with imperial precision subjugate the world under their feet.


Jehovah is the second of the three primary names for God. It is the most prevalent name for God in the Bible, occurring more than seven thousand times. And as with all of God’s names...

JUDAH: Tribe of King Messiah

If a poll were taken as to which of Jacob's twelve sons is the most famous, certainly either Joseph or Judah would be the favored one. Although more space is given to the personal history of Joseph...

The Effects of The Abrahamic Covenant Upon Israel

The previous article examined the biblical evidence for the unconditional nature of the Abrahamic Covenant. The present article will consider the effect of that covenant, particularly upon the nation of Israel.

Joel of Jerusalem Apr/May 1985

There is a very big competition raging in Israel at this time. It is not a competition in the business world, but something which has never been seen before in this nation - a competition to see who can bring more people to repentance.

Daily News from Israel

News Digest — 11/23/22

Jerusalem was hit by two explosions on Wednesday morning (23rd) at two bus stops, one at the western entrance of the city and one at a junction in northern Jerusalem, leaving a teenager...

News Digest — 11/22/22

Religious Zionism Party Chairman Bezalel Smotrich has agreed to become Israel’s next finance minister, according to unconfirmed reports, walking back his demand for...

Happy Thanksgiving!

In a break from my usual writing about events and people in Israel, I want to take a moment to thank God for the privilege of...

News Digest — 11/21/22

Israeli troops clashed with Palestinian gunmen near the West Bank city of Jenin on Monday morning (21st), as they went to arrest a wanted man accused of planning...

News Digest — 11/18/22

Palestinian man carrying a knife was arrested on Friday (18th) in the West Bank, outside the Israeli town of Kiryat Arba, Israeli authorities said.  No one was...

News Digest — 11/17/22

A plaza in Jerusalem’s Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood has been named after Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a Portuguese diplomat who saved...

Stabbing Attack in Samaria Kills Three Israelis

On Tuesday morning, a terrorist killed three people and wounded four others in a stabbing attack...

News Digest — 11/16/22

President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday (15th) called for unity among Israelis. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the newly elected Knesset, Herzog urged...

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