June/July 1995

Jesus' Ministry on the Sea of Galilee


Capernaum: A Town That Lost the Light

Capernaum was a picturesque town located on the northwestern shore of Galilee where the Jordan enters the lake. The city lay on a gentle slope rising from one of the numerous shallow coves that lend...

Jesus’ Ministry in His Hometown: Luke 4:16–30

I was scared stiff at the prospect of preaching in my hometown! A few years earlier, I had come to the Lord in a church in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Jesus’ Ministry on the Sea of Galilee

When the darkness of night falls, it creeps around the world from east to west. In the same manner, the first beams of morning sunlight sweep around the world from east to west.

But I Say Unto You: Matthew 5:21–48

Swimming pools become graveyards for many young children each summer. To prevent these needless tragedies, some municipalities require fences around pool perimeters. Some pool owners take the additional safety measure of installing another barrier on...

Bread Enough for All

John the Baptist had boldly confronted sin in the palace of Herod. Herod had taken his brother’s wife Herodias for himself, and John was beheaded for his decrying confrontation of this sin.

The Complacent Church Revelation 3:14–22

The city of Laodicea was located in a fertile valley overlooking the Lycus River about 40 miles southeast of Philadelphia and 11 miles from Colosse. Laodicea was established by Antiochus II (264–261 B.C.). Named in honor of his wife Laodice, it was destined to become the capital of ancient Phrygia.

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American Troops on the Golan: Another Bad Idea

In a world awash with bad ideas and catastrophic consequences, it is not out of line to counsel caution and offer a bit of good sense to those who make the decisions that affect us...

Israel in the News Jun/Jul 1995

News photos of Palestinian policemen raising a Nazi-style salute increase anxiety among Holocaust survivors, according to a Bikur Holim Hospital psychiatrist who researched survivors’ ability to cope with the present.

A Definition and Kinds of Divine Revelation

In the study of biblical doctrine, it is essential to begin with the doctrine of the Bible (bibliology), which consists of commentary on the Bible derived from the Bible itself. Since all other biblical doctrines

The Jesus Boat

Bedlam broke out among the Ultra-Orthodox Jews of Tiberias. The fracas was over the renewed potential for Christian missionary activities around the Sea of Galilee. The culprit for this hullabaloo was the front-page headline...

A Chronology of Jesus’ Galilean Ministry

Jesus finds Philip, who in turn finds Nathanael (Jn 1:43–51)

Zvi Jun/Jul 1995

Many new immigrants from Russia live in my neighborhood. Most of them know me because I have made repairs in their homes, which gives me opportunities to speak with them about many things...

Daily News from Israel

Israeli “Miracle” COVID-19 Drug Approved For Further Testing

A coronavirus treatment touted by former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a "miracle drug" earlier this year, has been approved...

News Digest — 6/17/21

The presidential changing of the guard has been brought forward by two days.  Following repeated media reports that it would take place on July 9, it has now been...

Immigration to Israel Is Skyrocketing

Israel has become a hotspot for immigration in 2021. According to data developed by a team led by Nefesh B’Nefesh, about 5,000 new immigrants...

News Digest — 6/16/21

For the first time since Operation Guardian of the Walls in May, when over 4,000 rockets were fired into southern and central Israel over an 11-day period, the IDF hit...

News Digest — 6/15/21

Israel’s defense establishment is bracing for potential violence in the West Bank as Palestinian groups warned against the controversial Jerusalem Flag March set to...


As in every election change, new faces appear. However, Yamina Party electee Shirley Pinto comes into the Knesset from a unique perspective...

News Digest — 6/14/21

Naftali Bennett was sworn in as prime minister of the State of Israel on Sunday evening (13th). Change bloc MKs erupted in applause while Likud loyalists sat quietly as the Knesset...

Isaac Herzog Elected 11th President of Israel

The Israeli Knesset overwhelmingly elected the modest and diplomatic Isaac Herzog as the 11th president of the State of Israel...

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