Jewish World Update Sep/Oct 2018

“You are the ammunition for Hamas’s guns; you are the warheads for its missiles,” Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon told the UN General Assembly when it recently condemned Israel for…

How to Spell Blessing: Israel

We live in a world of widespread redefinition. Some people view the practice as a positive modification to an old, outdated understanding of certain terms and practices, while others…

Q: What does the phrase Israel of God mean?

Israel of God refers to Jewish people who received Christ as their Savior and consequently belong to the church. It does not refer to the entire church. The phrase appears in Galatians 6: “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision…

The Great Invalidation

“Next year in Jerusalem!” As they have since the Jewish people were scattered around the world in AD 70, these words will ring out on the evening of April 10 at the close of Passover seders everywhere. Yet, if the United Nations…

Israel in the News Mar/Apr 2017

Following the UN Security Council’s vote condemning Israel’s presence in eastern Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed his resolve by going to the Western Wall to light the second candle of…

Still Dreaming

To some, it may have seemed like an odd pairing. But not to Natan Sharansky. As he sat with Martin Luther King III on a Sunday morning in Jerusalem, he felt like they were colleagues sharing the same goals Being with King in Israel…

Inside View Sep/Oct 2013

Israel’s enemies are at it again. The latest attack comes from the Church of Scotland in its document The inheritance of Abraham? A report on the ‘promised land,’ which refutes Israel’s…

We Answer to a Higher Authority

Christian Zionists have a deep commitment to Israel. Learn what motivates their love and how they are perceived by the Jewish community.

Imperishable Remnants

There was never a time when all of Israel rebelled against God. A remnant has always been faithful. Today twin remnants form a marvelous union of grace.

Two Great Days, Two Great Doctrines

If you’re interested in learning the exact differences between Israel and the church, this amazing outline is just what the doctor ordered.

At the Beginning

Some people don’t believe the church began at Pentecost. But it certainly did. And its birth is the result of a single, major event that changed history forever.

From Bill Sutter’s Desk May/Jun 2007

Reports from many areas of our worldwide ministry indicate a resurgence of an errant teaching best described as Replacement Theology. Deviating from a literal interpretation of God’s prophetic Word, Replacement…

It’s All or Nothing

In 1960 Christian entertainer Pat Boone wrote lyrics for the theme song of a movie based on Leon Uris’s popular novel Exodus. Exodus told the epic story of the Jewish…

The Roots of Replacement Theology

What in the world happened to make Christians believe they are the “new Israel”? The answer does not flatter the early church.

The Politics of Sacred Space

Speaking from firsthand experience, Dr. Price explains why archaeology and the Temple Mount will always take center stage in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Bulldozing Caterpillar

The Church of England’s vote to divest from companies doing business in Israel is causing a stir, even among Anglicans. But it has made a few things crystal clear.

The Anti-Nazi Voice of Courage

The Lord always has His remnant. In the evil days of King Ahab, He had Elijah and 7,000 people “whose knees have not bowed to Baal” (1 Ki. 19:18). And in the evill…

Christian Reconstructionism

During the 1960s a new movement began within the sphere of Reformed or Covenant Theology. That movement has been called by three different names: Reconstructionism (because it advocates the reconstruction of society)…