Bruce Scott

‘Remember the Sabbath’

When my wife and I lived in Minnesota, we enjoyed visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Art where more than 90,000 beautiful…

The Coming Conflagration

“It is apocalyptic.” U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon didn’t exaggerate much when he assessed the wildfires that ravaged…

The Absurdity of Idolatry

Sam Coonrod made news last summer when he refused to kneel. The then-27-year-old relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants was the only baseball player…

Immanuel Forever

We don’t know his name or his background. We do know he was a criminal (Lk. 23:32). But as he hung between heaven and Earth on a Roman cross, something within…

Enter the Greeks

On December 17, 2019, 16 leaders of The United Methodist Church signed the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation

Plato Versus the Bible

At first glance, Plato’s theory of forms seems to have positive traits. It attempts to satisfy the seeking heart’s cry, “There has to be more to life than this!”…


“I felt so alone,” my Israeli friend said with tears in her eyes. We had just finished a delicious Shabbat meal in her home with her family when…

A Hearing Heart

I have many fond memories of my mother from my childhood, but there is one memory that is far from fond. I still get a knot in the pit of my stomach when I think about it. When I was around 11 years old, we were…

Redefining the Gospel

When our children were young, my wife and I would take them every October 31 to the storage shed behind our house. They each brought a sheet of paper on which they had written…

What We’re Spared

Think of the worst disasters in history. They’re nothing compared to what lies ahead—but not for the bride of Christ. “Husband Charged With Domestic Violence.” It’s an all-too-familiar headline. Sometimes the offender is a celebrity…

Millenials and Israel

A quarter of the millennials in the United States sympathize more with the Palestinians than with the Israelis. This signifies a big shift. How did it happen, and what can be done about it?

Constantine’s Pretext

Since Jesus died and was resurrected during the Passover season, you would think the celebration of Passover and Easter would be inextricably linked. They might have been, if not for a disturbing decision rooted in church-sanctioned…

O Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say!

In days gone by it was common for parents to resort to washing their children’s mouths out with soap as punishment for using foul language. Gutter talk, locker-room jokes, bathroom humor…

What Christian Anti-Zionists Teach

Christian anti-Zionism is gaining strength both in America and abroad. Its teaching turns the world against Israel as God’s Chosen People, casts Israel as the aggressor rather than the victim…

Strength for the Journey

Jesus is, indeed, knowable. And He can bring us through the toughest times, give us peace like a river, and be an anchor for our souls—as this article demonstrates.

The Importance of a Literal Interpretation

Hermeneutics is the art and science of interpretation. When most readers open a newspaper or book, they assume the author intends for them to understand what he is saying. They also instinctively…

The Rapture

At least seven years before He sets His feet on planet Earth once again, Jesus Christ will descend from heaven. The bodies of Christians who have died during the Church Age…

The Tribulation

More than 37 million people died during World War I. Another 62 million died in World War II. Despite the horror of those numbers, they are miniscule compared to the billions…

The Millennium

The Millennium is the term used to refer to the final dispensation in human history, when mankind’s stewardship will be to live in harmony with the risen, glorified Savior. Despite Jesus’ physical…

‘There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood’

William Cowper (pronounced Cooper, 1731–1800) was one of those enigmas of life where creative talent is torturously combined with introspection and melancholy. Cowper was the fourth of seven children born…

‘O Worship the King’

Born in India, Sir Robert Grant (1779–1838) was the son of Charles Grant, an evangelical Scottish Christian. Charles Grant was known for his impeccable integrity and benevolence, as well as for serving…

Hallowed Be Your Name Ezekiel 36

The Israelites profaned God’s holy name and have suffered ever since. But their story does not end there, because God has a perfect plan that will glorify Him.

Herod the Not-So-Great

Herod murdered infants yet built a magnificent Temple Mount. What type of man was he? A brilliant madman whose life is a remarkable study in contradiction.

Remarkable Rescuers

When the Nazis systematically exterminated 6 million Jews during World War II, not everyone stood by and watched. The State of Israel’s Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, has recognized the efforts…

A Hero Named Janusz Korczak

God loves children. His heart especially goes out to orphans, and He commands us, “Defend the fatherless” (Isa. 1:17). During the Holocaust, one man in particular did just that. He was born…

Palestinian Children: A Model of Hitler Youth

Adolf Hitler declared, “He alone who owns the youth gains the future.”1 Hitler knew the importance of early indoctrination. So do today’s Palestinian leaders. In fact, the recruitment allurements and military-style…

The Mysteries of the Kabbalah

Mysticism—the pursuit of ultimate truth through mysterious rites and subjective experiences—has enchanted mankind for centuries. Claiming to offer insights into the deep, dark secrets of the universe, mysticism pledges inclusion…

The Vilna Gaon: A Mystical Genius

Rabbi Elijah was born in 1720. He was a brilliant Torah scholar and kabbalist who left indelible marks on Judaism—not all of them good.

Islam? Which Kind?

You’ve got your Sunnis and your Shiis
and your Fivers and your Seveners. And the list goes on. All are Muslims. Yet all are not alike.

Staying Alive

In answering their questions regarding future events, Jesus gave His disciples a ray of hope: “But he who endures to the end shall be saved” (Mt. 24:13). What did He mean? The key is the phrase…

Shoulders to Cry On

In every nation’s history there are great disasters. Turbulent times amplify feelings of insecurity and vulnerability on a grand scale. calamities threaten the comfort of familiarities. catastrophes destabilize civilized societies. Such were the conditions in Judah…

The Ever-Expanding Reach of Islam

From its inception, Islam has been committed to being a witness to the world. And that commitment has yielded phenomenal results. Today Islam is…

The Second World Empire

After the Babylonian Empire, Media-Persia took over. This outstanding article sorts
out that kingdom’s rulers and what
they accomplished.

Safeguard Your ‘Moorings’

True faith requires commitment. Without it, you can find yourself awash in the world. Have you checked your moorings lately?

Bait for Hate

For millennia Gentiles have used the New Testament as an excuse to hate Jewish people. Furthermore, many of them misin- terpret the Bible.

Joshua: Profile in Courage

Sometimes the odds aren’t in our favor. But when it comes to God’s work, the “odds” don’t matter. Joshua learned what really counts.

Masada: The Final Fortress

Herod’s desert hideout was so lavish
and self-sufficient that it appeared impenetrable. But appearances can be deceiving.

Running From God Jonah 1

You may know the story of Jonah and the fish. But do you know what Jonah’s disobe dience implied about the God of Israel? Read this article and find out.

The PLO and PA

If these organizations confuse you, read this article. It will untangle the web that Yasser Arafat has spun over the eyes of the Western world.

Running the Race of Faith

Living for Christ brings great reward. But life can be rough, full of ups and downs. Here’s how to get through the tough times and win the race of faith.

Rahab and Tamar

Courage and righteousness are some- times found in the unlikeliest places. But wherever they are found, God delights
in blessing them.

Roman Madness at Masada

On Nisan 14 in the year 73 A.D., Jerusalem was quiet. Normally the city would have been full of Jewish pilgrims waiting in line for the Temple priests to sacrifice their Passover lambs. But on this day there were no pilgrims. There were no…

The Messiah’s Birth

On November 19, 1997, something extraordinary happened. Bobbi McCaughey of Carlisle, Iowa, gave birth to seven healthy babies. With the news of the successful septuple deliveries, the world seemed to pause and reflect in…

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Many successful businesses engage their employees in an annual ritual known as the “year-end formal performance review.” On those occasions, a manager sits down with an employee, report in hand, and surveys…

The Mocking of the Messiah

The Roman general Pompey laid siege to Jerusalem in 63 B.C. Having made Syria a Roman province the preceding year it was now Judea’s turn to be conquered. Twelve thousand Jews died in the ensuing melee.

The Dedication of a King

In every parent’s life there are those timeless moments when a newborn child nestles gently into his or her arms. With large, innocent eyes, the trusting infant looks up at its reassuring protector.

Conservative Judaism

The Jewish expression “Eat kosher but think trayf [non-kosher]” encapsulates the ideology of one of the more popular branches of modern American Judaism. An attempted medium between the traditional and liberal wings of Judaism…

The Land of Israel or Ishmael?

“This land is mine. God gave this land to me,” is the opening line of the beloved song “Exodus.” Although deeply moving lyrics to the ears of an Israeli, they are inflammatory words…

Paul in the Eye of the Storm

Hurricanes are the most powerful storms known to man. Ranging anywhere from 200 to 300 miles in diameter and packing winds of up to 150 miles per hour, they wreak havoc and hardship on whatever…

Be Ye Holy: The Feast of Unleavened Bread

Of all the feasts of Israel, none exemplifies the holy standard of living to which God calls us more than the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Instituted by God and given to the nation of Israel…

Simchat Torah: Celebrating the Bible

One of the happiest of all Jewish holidays is Simchat Torah (Rejoicing over the Law). Second only to Purim in hilarity, this delightful holiday has but one word to describe it—joy.

Tisha be-Av

Tisha be-Av, or the Ninth of Av (Av is the fifth month in the Jewish calendar, corresponding to July/August), not only commemorates specific tragedies in Jewish history; it also symbolizes all that has been dismal…