August/September 1986

Blessing or Cursing

Few would deny the truth of this beloved hymn. We need God’s mercy drops falling around us, but we need the outpouring of His showers of blessing perhaps even more. But what is God’s blessing?

THE LIFE OF DAVID: The Later Years

How swiftly the years pass! For a person over fifty, it seems only a short time since graduation from high school or college. Twenty-five or thirty years of a good marriage pass by swiftly…

Where Is The God Of Justice Malachi 2:17-3:6

When Judah returned to her land, she expected to experience prosper­ity and glory as in the days of Solomon. But such was not the case! In fact, the opposite was true. Their wicked enemies lived in pros­perity while Judah suffered privation.

A Word About Words

A proper understanding of the words of Scripture is essential to a proper understanding of the message of Scripture. Misunderstanding, or lack of understanding, robs many Christians of a true appreciation of their riches in Christ.

The Tribes of Israel In The End Times

Jacob’s series of deathbed blessings on his twelve sons in Genesis 49 were also prophecies of what would characterize the tribes that came from each son. All of these prophecies have been fulfilled…

The Millennial View of Early Church Leaders

The previous article began to examine the history of the different Millennial views which have been held by the organized Church during its time in the world. That article noted that numerous historians declare that Premillennialism…

Joel of Jerusalem Aug/Sep 1986

Recently I had to pay a visit to the local medical clinic, and, as I am sure is the case ail over the world, I had to wait a very long time before I could see a doctor and receive treatment.