February/March 1985


William Shakespeare immortalized the question, “What’s in a name?” Let’s attempt an answer. The Apocrypha states, “A name endures while beauty wanes.” A famous rabbi wrote, “No monument gives such glory as an unsullied name.”

THE PATIENT PROPHET:  Message of Justice

“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, seldom found in a woman and never in a man,” wrote a perceptive person. There are those who would disagree, especially that women are somewhat patient and men never are.

They Made The Sepulcher Sure . . .

What folly, that men should think that they could entomb and hold fast the Son of God! Repeatedly during the Lord’s public ministry, the Jewish leadership kept demanding that He give them a sign (Mt. 12:38; 16:1; Lk. 11:29).

He Is Risen. . .

Three simple words: “He is risen.” And with that reality, light dispelled darkness – righteousness bested sin – truth destroyed error – life conquered death – and God defeated Satan. The consummation of that statement is still future – but immutably certain.

He Is Not Here. . .

Following the crucifixion of the Son of God, Joseph of Arimathaea went before the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, to beg for the body of Jesus. Who would have thought it?

Come See Where He Lay. . .

True faith is not belief without evidence – but trust without reservation. It is neither blind nor unreasoning. Faith – the biblical kind – rests upon the revealed Word of God. Abraham is repeatedly set forth as a man of faith…

SIMEON – LEVI: Partners In Crime

The twelve sons of the aged patriarch had arrayed themselves about his deathbed, most probably in the order of their births. Jacob had issued to Reuben his portion, i.e., because of Reuben’s sin he would forfeit the double blessing of the firstborn (Gen. 49:34).

Joel of Jerusalem Feb/Mar 1985

There are many countries in the world, some big and some small, but there is only one country on earth where you can see signs all over, written in big letters, “WELCOME TO THE HOLY LAND.”