October/November 1982

“I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling!”

History will attest that nations are born in molten flame and forged on the anvil of adversity. The hotter the flame and the more severe the adversity, the stronger the nation.

Book Review Editorial: SEVEN FALSE ARGUMENTS

Recently a new book was shown to me which has as its theme the fact that Jewish-Zionists are the secret force bringing ruination to the Christian world. The author claims to be a born-again Christian…

THE SIN OFFERING: Christ at Calvary

When Adam sinned he brought spiritual and physical death upon the human race. All die – rich or poor, strong or weak, young or old, schooled or unschooled – it is appointed unto man once to die!

Elijah’s Future

Elijah’s supernatural departure from this earth (2 Ki. 2:9-11) was certainly a unique privilege afforded the great prophet. Only one other, Enoch the seventh from Adam (Jude 14), has been exempted from walking “through the valley of the shadow of death” (Ps. 23:4; Gen. 5:24).

Sharecroppers and The Son Of God

He was now walking in the shadow of the cross. The hour for which He had come was soon to arrive. Jesus had utilized parables before in His teaching. They had been so enigmatic, however…

Joel of Jerusalem Oct/Nov 1982

I thank the Lord, for He is so, good. After a very long time of having three of our children away in the army, we recently had the family together again around the table.