Biblical Studies/Theology

Miracle Mother Part One

Biblically speaking, Gentiles probably have more right to question God’s miracles than do Jewish people. After all, it wasn’t the Gentiles for whom God plagued Egypt or parted the Red Sea. It wasn’t the Gentiles…

Nineveh’s Destruction

Nahum 2:1-13: On March 19, 2003, a coalition of the United States and more than thirty-five countries implemented a preemptive strike against Iraq to disarm it of weapons of mass destruction. Twenty-six hundred years ago…

A Widow’s Christmas

The worst Christmas I ever had was the year my first husband died. It wasn’t the loneliness that did me in; it was the self-pity. As a young widow, I was faced with raising my four-year-old…

Declaring Nineveh’s Destruction

Nahum 1:1-15: In the days of the prophet Nahum, Nineveh was at the height of its glory. Its influence through trade, culture, and political conquest extended from Egypt to the Persian Gulf. The city was built by Nimrod…

God is Sovereign Part Three

Previously we saw that God exercises sovereign rule over the universe, angels, and history. Now we will examine God’s sovereign rule over the nations. Assertions of Sovereignty.The Bible records assertions of God’s sovereignty over the nations. God…

The Seeker Conclusion

It isn’t a good time to be Jewish these days. In Israel, Jews are being murdered almost daily by Arabs determined to remove them from the tiny sliver of land they still have left in the Middle East…


Joshua called Yahweh “Lord of all the earth.” The word Lord in Hebrew is Adonai. And it speaks of the absolute lordship of the God of the universe.

I Am That I Am

What is the Tetragrammaton? Ancient Jewish sages considered it too holy to utter. Yet it is God’s covenant name— and belongs to Him alone.

The Other
 Names of God

Biblical names are usually significant. Unlike the common practice today, ancient names were usually chosen for a specific reason. People were not as concerned with how a name sounded or what others thought…

The Sweetest Name I Know

Some say Yeshua. Others say Jesus. Either way, it is the name of Almighty God. And it has a special significance.

Baruch Ha Shem

Elohim appears more than 2,500 times in the Old Testament. It is powerful, plural, and used by two divine personalities.

God is Sovereign Part Two

Webster’s New International Dictionary defines the adjective sovereign as follows: “Supreme or highest in power; superior in position to all others,” and “Independent of, and unlimited by, any other; possessing, or entitled to, original…

The Seeker Part One

King Solomon spoke three thousand proverbs and fifteen hundred songs (1 Ki. 4:32). The epitome of the philosopher-king, he was unequaled in wealth and wisdom, and his fame spread throughout the world. He ruled during…

Running From God Jonah 1

You may know the story of Jonah and the fish. But do you know what Jonah’s disobe dience implied about the God of Israel? Read this article and find out.

Amazing Grace Jonah 2

If you’re a believer, then this article is especially for you . . . and for anyone else who may be in danger of presuming on the wonderful, amazing grace of God.

Doom and Deliverance Jonah 3

The Ninevites were bad, real bad. But God spared them. Why? Because they did the one thing God requires for deliverance—even today.

The Angry Prophet Jonah 4

Jonah was bitter, selfish, angry, and a poor excuse for a man of God. Unfortunately, he was not much different than many of us.

God is Sovereign Part One

Previously we examined the senselessness and consequences of idol worship. Here we will examine spheres that are subject to the sovereignty of the true and living God. Angels God’s significant relationships with the angels…

His Mercy Endureth Forever Conclusion

To all those who truly repent, God omable wisdom, He distinguishes the weak from the strong, the humble from the proud, and tries the hearts of all men. Somewhere along the way, the Most High…

God and Other Objects of Worship

In the previous article we saw that the Bible asserts unequivo­cally that Jehovah-the God revealed in its pages, the one who brought Israel and the church…

His Mercy Endureth Forever Part One

A well-known entertainer in Hollywood gave his life to the Lord many years ago. But money, fame, and corruption began to do their work…

The Bible, Qur’an, and Hadith

The Qur’an, Islam’s holy book, contains 114 chapters, or surahs, that embody codes governing religious, civil, commercial, and military affairs. Since it was the first Arabic book of consequence, it has incalculable…

Jesus Is Better Than…

Few people like change. But imagine what it would have been like if you had been told to forget the Old Covenant and cling to something new.

The Only Priest We Need

In days of old, the Jewish high priest ministered before the Lord. Learn what he did—and how Christ does so much more.

A Better Sacrifice, A Better Covenant

Learn the differences between the Levitical sacrifices and Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself while examining the covenants God made with Israel.

Running the Race of Faith

Living for Christ brings great reward. But life can be rough, full of ups and downs. Here’s how to get through the tough times and win the race of faith.

God Is Exalted and Exclusive (Theology Proper)

Scripture teaches that Jehovah, the God of the Bible, is exalted above all gods and is the only real, true, and living God. God Is Exalted Israelites and Gentiles asserted that Israel’s God is exalted above all

Looking for Christmas

A dispute raged a few years ago over whether to allow a manger scene in front of a local municipal building. A lady in town reportedly opined, “Isn’t it a shame that we…

The Eyes of Faith Conclusion

My friend’s father had a heart attack in February. Renée told me her dad was in the maternity ward of a hospital, visiting his newborn grandson, when he suddenly slumped over in a chair. Seconds…

God Is Holy (Theology Proper)

What is the holiness of God? For many years I thought the sum total of God’s holiness was His sinlessness. But I was mistaken. God’s sinlessness is an important aspect of God’s holiness…

The Origin and Fall of Satan

Lucifer, “the anointed cherub that covereth,” became the evil “god of this age”—the enemy of Jehovah. Learn what happened and why?

Satan’s World Strategy

Satan’s dominion may be invisible. But
if you know where to look, you’ll be astounded to see how much he controls . . . and how he controls it.

The Satanic Trinity

As if one evil being weren’t enough, the Bible teaches that in the last days, there will be three—a pseudotrinity—that will take over the world.

The Many Masks of Satan

If you think Satan appears like the caricatures of him, with horns and a red tail, think again. More often than not, he appears as the “noblest” among us.

God Is Personal (Theology Proper)

Some individuals claim that God is an impersonal power or force and is not personal. Paul Tillich, who taught at Union Theological Seminary (New York), Harvard, and the University of Chicago and who was regarded…

The Eyes of Faith Part One

I’m from Missouri,” was a popular saying years ago. Often those who said it weren’t from Missouri at all but were expressing skepticism about something. They were saying, “Show me, and I’ll believe.” “Show me…

God Is Triune (Theology Proper) Conclusion

In the previous article, we observed implications for the triunity of God in the Old Testament, noting how that portion of the Scriptures presents both the unity and plurality of God. Now we shall examine…

Happy Mother’s Day

Donald Grey Barnhouse, a great man of God who ministered for many years at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia until his death in 1960, once told the true story of a boy whose mother died…

Deborah A Mother in Israel

Some people are unlikely leaders. On the surface, they appear to lack the distinctives we usually associate with greatness. David, for example, was a shepherd boy, a dreamer, who wrote songs and played a harp—qualities…

God is Triune (Theology Proper) Part One

Our previous articles have demonstrated that God has used various means to reveal the reality of His existence and other knowledge concerning Himself to mankind. One aspect of that other knowledge is the fact…

The Virgin Mary

Christmas is approaching. And as people the world over look forward to the gifts, decorations, and tinsel of the season, those of us who love the traditional carols anticipate with joy the sweet strains…

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2001

Indonesia is a nation splashed across thousands of miles of the Indian Ocean and Java Sea in Southeast Asia. The nation is comprised of a mind-boggling 13,660 islands and ranks as the world’s fourth largest…

Mother Rachel Conclusion

Barrenness was an extreme source of shame and disgrace in ancient Israel, and Rachel’s barrenness only worsened her relationship with her sister Leah. It was bad enough they shared a husband.

The Means of Knowing Truth About God Part Two

Previously we examined the biblical claim that God has demonstrated the reality of His existence and uncovered other knowledge about Himself by giving revelation to human beings during the course of history.

Mother Rachel Part One

They come by the thousands, bringing their prayer books, their handkerchiefs, their heartaches and tears. Some weep quietly; others cry uncontrollably. But almost all of them cry. These are the Jewish women who come…

The Means of Knowing Truth About God Part One

How can mankind know if God is a reality or a figment of human imagination? If God is a reality, how can His nature; thoughts; ways; actions; and relationship to the universe, planet Earth, mankind…

Living in a World Turning Upside Down

Wrong is right; good is evil; and Christianity is the world’s new nemesis. That’s what the new paganism preaches—and it’s turning the world upside down.

Give Us a King

Were the Israelites wrong to demand a king? This insightful article examines
the events leading to the creation of the monarchy in ancient Israel.


God chose him, equipped him, and established him as king. But it wasn’t long before things went wrong. Learn what happened and why.

Formed in the Master’s Hand

This outstanding article takes a thoughtful, tender, and discerning look at the life of David, the sweetest psalmist in Israel.

Glory and Infamy

Solomon was Israel’s wisest and wealthiest king. Yet, despite his dazzling accomplishments, he sowed the seeds of national destruction.

Too Far Gone

Some people claim good leadership is all it takes to turn a country around. But sometimes nations can slide so completely down the sewer of moral degradation that God finally flushes the pipes and clears…

The Study of God

Our series now comes to the doctrine of God, the formal name of which is theology proper. This division of “The Foundations of Faith” will examine the major scriptural truths concerning God and will consider…

In His Hand

As fall chilled the air last year, Gwyne Campbell traveled home to New Jersey to attend a wedding. Shortly before she was to return to Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, New York…

Jesus Christ and the Future Kingdom of God Conclusion

We have already seen two evidences that the theocratic Kingdom has been postponed until Christ’s Second Coming. This article will examine more evidences of that postponement. The Chronology of Matthew 24—25 In Matthew 24—25…

Jesus the Son of God

Do Christians read more into the words Son of God than the Bible intends? Examine the origin of the title and how it applies to Jesus.

The Son of Man

The term Son of man is used no fewer than 192 times throughout the Word of God. And it means more than you might expect.

The Eternal Sonship of Christ

Some say Jesus was not the Son of God until the incarnation because sonship implies subservience. But does it really?


Are you a Muggle? What! You don’t know? Then you must be one of the few people in America who haven’t read a Harry Potter book (Scholastic)—a slickly dressed, literary version of a wolf…

Family Matters Gal. 6:1-18

You know that your Christian brother has fallen deeply into sin. What should you do? Read this article and
find out.

Beware: Snake In the Grass

I was a relatively new believer when I heard an older, wiser woman tell a story I will never forget. She looked somewhat disheartened and bedraggled—the symptomatic side effects of having many mouths to feed…

Ruth: A Trophy of His Grace

How could a Moabite woman end up
in the line of the Jewish Messiah? Read this timeless testimony to God’s love and grace.

Rahab and Tamar

Courage and righteousness are some- times found in the unlikeliest places. But wherever they are found, God delights
in blessing them.

The Genealogies of Jesus

Examine the intricacies of the genealogies of Jesus and the precision of God in bringing His Messiah into the world.

Justification of the Sinner Romans 1-5

God is in the business of turning sinners into saints. This exposition of Romans 1 through 5 explains how—and how
much He holds us accountable for.

God’s Heart for Israel Romans 9-11

God chose Israel thousands of years ago. Has He stuck with her? This article examines Romans 9, 10, and 11 in light of the sovereignty of God.

Who Killed Christ?

Possibly no subject in history has been as inflammatory to the Jewish people as the question, Who killed Christ? Time and again, the accusation of Christ-killer has been hurled against the Jewish people. Centuries of hatred have been built…

Pilate’s Dilemma

Pontius Pilate was awake early. It appeared that it was going to be a normal spring day in Jerusalem. At least that’s what he hoped. He had been appointed as the fifth Prefect to the Roman province of Judea and Samaria by Emperor Tiberius…

Tested Faith James 1:1–18

Prospective pilots for major airlines are trained on flight simulators, which are designed to present them with a variety of problems they might encounter while flying. The candidates are first tested with simple challenges and are eventually…

Love Without Partiality James 2:1–13

It is all too common today to hear Christians disparage doctrine or theology as entirely theoretical, productive only of pride and division, and therefore almost entirely irrelevant to the real issues of life. The cry is for greater emphasis on…

Workless Faith Is Worthless Faith James 2:14–26

Talk is cheap. In the minds of some people, the mention of the term politician seems to bear this out. Not only do some elected officials make promises they cannot keep, but some Christians do not practice what they preach. As a modern proverb states…

A Subject in Everyone’s Mouth James 3

The average person speaks nearly 30,000 words each day—enough to fill a good-sized book. Do we realize that each of us is writing an unwritten book every day of our lives? As we read a book, we often form certain opinions about…

Other Gems From James

“Ye lust, and have not; ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain; ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts…

The Sinlessness of Jesus Christ Conclusion

If it is true that Jesus Christ was sinless, what is meant by the Apostle Paul’s statement that God sent “his own Son, in the likeness of sinful flesh” (Rom. 8:3)? The word translated “flesh” refers to “a human being in contrast to God and…

The Sinlessness of Jesus Christ Part Two

The first issue results from the combination of two truths. First, the Bible teaches that each human being who has been procreated through natural means since the fall of mankind is in a state of sin with a sin nature from the moment of…

The Sinlessness of Jesus Christ Part One

To establish the meaning of sinlessness, we must first understand the concept of sin. Sin could be defined as any failure to conform perfectly to the holy character and will of God. God requires people to be holy because He is…

The Hypostatic Union of Jesus Christ

The English word hypostasis is derived from a Greek word meaning “essence, actual being, reality” (William F. Arndt and F. Wilbur Gingrich, A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, p. 854). Thus, it refers to the real essence of a person or thing. As applied to Christ…

Certain of His Calling 2 Peter 1:1–11

My teenage daughter loves to look at clothes catalogues. The designers of the catalogues know this, because everything and everyone in those catalogues look fantastic. The implication is that if you wear this outfit, you too will look this great…

Glimpse of Glory 2 Peter 1:12–21

Sixty seconds is all it takes. When sponsors of a television program want to entice viewers to tune in next week, a one-minute preview of the most exciting scenes is all it takes. If you like what you see in that brief encounter, you will surely love the complete version…

Warning Against False Teachers 2 Peter 2

The Apostle Peter predicted that, just as false prophets arose among the people of Israel to oppose the declarations of true Old Testament prophets, so false teachers would come among the church saints to oppose the truths of Christianity. The word for…

The Incarnation of Jesus Christ Conclusion

Peter also declared that Jesus was “crucified and slain” (v. 23). The word translated crucified means “fix,” “fasten to,” or “nail to” (William F. Arndt and F. Wilbur Gingrich, A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, p. 725). Peter used it to describe…

The Incarnation of Jesus Christ Part One

Historically, some people and groups have denied that Christ came in human flesh. For example, some said that the Christ came temporarily upon an already existing man, Jesus of Nazareth. He came long enough to impart a secret body of knowledge…

Names and Titles Of Jesus Christ

All of the articles thus far in this series have examined the first major area of doctrine—Bibliology (the study of the Bible). This article begins an examination of another significant area—Christology (the study of Christ).

The Pharisees: “They Weren’t All That Bad!”

Intense is the only way to describe an informal discussion that took place among several young students of the Bible. The topic being discussed? The Pharisees during the time of Jesus…

Jesus Before Caiaphas

When Jesus stood before Caiaphas, the high priest, at His so-called trial, it marked the climax of a battle between Him and the corrupt Jewish Temple leadership that had been escalating since Jesus began His ministry.

The Mocking of the Messiah

The Roman general Pompey laid siege to Jerusalem in 63 B.C. Having made Syria a Roman province the preceding year it was now Judea’s turn to be conquered. Twelve thousand Jews died in the ensuing melee.

Behold the Man!

“What is truth?” The words rang out like the vibration of an endless sound wave echoing through the universe. Can one know the truth? Is truth the elusive goal of man’s fertile imagination?

No Greater Love

“For he was cut off out of the land of the living; for the transgression of my people was he stricken” (Isa. 53:8).