Israel: Past and Present

Silver and Taxes: So What Else Is New?

According to Bible prophecy, an inferior empire (symbolized by silver in Daniel 2:31, 39) would replace the gold kingdom of Babylon. The Medo-Persians conquered Babylon in 539 B.C. According to fifth-century…

Islam Rewrites the Bible

Millions of people today fail to grasp the differences between Jewish and Muslim claims to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. But the differences are enormous. Jewish claims are based on Scripture…

Anti-Jewish Church Edicts

The following is a sampling of the edicts and canon laws the organized church issued against Jewish people. This order is intended to keep Jews and Christians apart. It forbade…

The IYA Salvage Project

We woke up early Tuesday morning, grabbed our coffees, packed our lunches, boarded the bus, and headed for Tzurim Valley National Park located atop Mount Scopus, northeast of the Old…

From Bill Sutter’s Desk Jul/Aug 2008

Over the years, many people who have traveled “Up to Jerusalem” with us have told me about the sites and experiences on our tour that affected them the most. The list usually includes our boat…

From Bill Sutter’s Desk May/Jun 2008

Widespread “Israel at 60” celebrations in Jewish communities this year are reminders of the certainty of God’s promises to the Jewish people. Christians who have been participating in these events realize they are expressing…

Men Who Believed

Replacement Theology, which strips Israel of God’s promises, has been around a long time. But in every generation, there also have been men who believed, long before 1948, in Israel’s national restoration.

Israel’s Long and Hard War of Independence

Despite its military victories, Israel still does not enjoy peace. So the country’s anniversary celebration took a different turn this year—for a significant reason.

The New Sanhedrin

In 2004 on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, a new Sanhedrin arose after an absence of more than 1,400 years. Staffed by Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox rabbis who want Israeli life…

Inextinguishable Israel

In a world stricken by the compulsion to forget and plagued with perpetually erratic behavior, it is not surprising that some people no longer see Israel as a little David struggling for survival…

A Christian View from the Temple Mount

Muslims now claim the Western Wall was a hitching post for Muhammad’s horse! Their claims are preposterous, but they will stop at nothing to rewrite history. And they have two main reasons for doing so.


It happened against all odds. Sixty years ago this month, on November 29, 1947, in a building left over from the 1939–1940 New York World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, Queens, the fledgling…

Happy 40th Birthday, Jerusalem

Forty years ago in June, Israel recaptured its city of cities in a six-day war that stunned the world. But things haven’t turned out as anticipated.

From Bill Sutter’s Desk Mar/Apr 2007

We have experienced a little taste of heaven on earth.” This comment, shared toward the end of our recent Christian/Jewish journey to Israel, struck a responsive chord in all our hearts…

Map of the Middle East.

Eye on the Middle East Mar/Apr 2007

Speaking in December 2006 at a Holocaust memorial ceremony in Berlin, Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said: We have learned and memorialized the lesson: the weak and defenseless are doomed. Doomed…

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Even before the State of Israel was established, Jewish leaders consciously sought to avoid the situation that prevailed in South Africa. As David Ben-Gurion told Palestinian nationalist Musa Alami in 1934…

The Rebirth of Israel Ezekiel 37

In Ezekiel 37, God asked, “Son of man, can these bones live?” The answer so far is the story of a nation’s resurrection to physical life. But even more lies ahead.

Great Cities of Jesus’ Day

With Christmas around the corner, we invite you to tour four cities in firstcentury Israel that testify to the Savior’s power. Two of them are still there today.

Herod the Not-So-Great

Herod murdered infants yet built a magnificent Temple Mount. What type of man was he? A brilliant madman whose life is a remarkable study in contradiction.

The Politics of Sacred Space

Speaking from firsthand experience, Dr. Price explains why archaeology and the Temple Mount will always take center stage in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

From Bill Sutter’s Desk Jul/Aug 2006

Much more than a trip—an experience of a lifetime! That’s the way it is when you travel to Israel with The Friends of Israel. And that’s the way all 128 of us felt during…

Touring Northern Israel

Let a well-known journalist, whose home is Israel, take you on a wonderful tour of what he calls the most beautiful part of the Holy Land.

Praying at the Wall

Editor’s Note: The Western Wall in Jerusalem is the holiest site in all of Judaism. Historian Nancy Ceperley has a profound love for Israel and the Jewish people, imparted to her by her late…

The Ottoman Legacy

The Muslim Ottoman Turks pillaged the land when they controlled it. Today it’s blooming like a rose. Is there a reason why? There certainly is.

How the JNF/KKL Makes the Desert Bloom

For years The Friends of Israel has planted trees in Israel through the Jewish National Fund, or Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (JNF/KKL). With each tree purchase comes a certificate that lists the activities…

A Hero Named Janusz Korczak

God loves children. His heart especially goes out to orphans, and He commands us, “Defend the fatherless” (Isa. 1:17). During the Holocaust, one man in particular did just that. He was born…

The New Wall of Jerusalem

A top Jerusalem Post writer gives you an insider’s look at Jewish life in Israel’s City
of Gold and what many feel is the only viable way to protect it.

O Jewish Town of Bethlehem

This time of year these are the thoughts most often associated with the birth of the Lord Jesus. Pastoral little Bethlehem, in the midst of shepherds and their sheep, peaceful and tranquil before the appearance…

Beware of Today’s ‘Canaanites’

In 1929 a fantastic archaeological discovery was made in the ancient port town of Ugarit on the Syrian coast. Hundreds of ancient tablets were found, providing a wealth of information about Canaanite culture.

Why Israel Is Unique

As far as the nations of this world are concerned, Israel stands apart. Scripture teaches that the nations were “made [not created] from one blood” and so may be, and quite often are…

Jerusalem: The Missing Link

When the pundits look back on 2004 and the attempts at an Israeli-Palestinian solution, the word disengagement will probably top…

The Babylonian Captivity

God always keeps His promises, even the unpleasant ones. The issues surrounding this captivity will take you from mere history
to important theology.

The Second World Empire

After the Babylonian Empire, Media-Persia took over. This outstanding article sorts
out that kingdom’s rulers and what
they accomplished.

Daniel and Darius

Daniel in the lions’ den (Dan. 6) is probably one of the best-known accounts in the Bible. It’s the encouraging, satisfying triumph of faith, righteousness, and justice over wickedness and evil in high places.

The Exiles Return

God may have removed the Jewish people from their land, but He faithfully brought them back. Learn how He did it and who He used.

The Ten ‘Lost’ Tribes Weren’t Lost

The phrase the lost tribes of Israel emits a certain ring of mystery that romanticizes the disappearance of the Israelites taken captive by Assyria in 722 B.C. Although the phrase is nowhere in Scripture…

The Lord’s Temple in Jerusalem

From the moment the Lord formed the nation of Israel after the Exodus, He desired to dwell with His people as their King. Hence, the Tabernacle was built; and the Lord’s Glory indwelled it…

The Eastern Gate

The ground in front of the Eastern Gate of the Temple Mount was still soft from the heavy rains. Confidently, the archaeology student stepped back from the gate to capture its entire view…

Archaeology Confirms the Walls ‘Fell Flat’

In 1997 two Italian archaeologists hired by the Palestinian Department of Archaeology excavated for one month at ancient Jericho. Their conclusion was not surprising, considering who hired them: No evidence supports the Jewish conquest…

The Significance of Shechem

In Hebrew shechem means “shoulder,” an apt description of the town’s location in the narrow valley between Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal, approximately 40 miles (65 km.) north of Jerusalem. Today the world calls it Nablus…

Timeline of Modern Israel

From San Remo to Nazi Germany 1918 British General Edmund Allenby defeats the Ottoman Turks and occupies all of Palestine. 1919–23 Third wave of Jewish immigration arrives, mostly from Russia. 1920 Britain receives League of Nations mandate over Palestine at San…

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Reliving the Thirties

The struggle over suppressing discrimination in Western societies is an ongoing problem that will grow with the ever-increasing influx of third-world minorities into more affluent nations. Additionally, judicial decisions that grant…

Standing Firm for God

The Jews called him a madman. He called himself a god. And his determination to eradicate Judaism led to the Maccabean Revolt.

Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem

Jerusalem was one of the largest cities in the ancient world. And its destruction
in A.D. 70 involved one of Judaism’s greatest tragedies.

Israel’s Falling Star

Some called him Simon, “son of a star.” They thought him the Messiah. But Bar Kokhba’s victories didn’t turn out as they had anticipated.

Masada: The Final Fortress

Herod’s desert hideout was so lavish
and self-sufficient that it appeared impenetrable. But appearances can be deceiving.

Israel: Still a Miracle

The world thought it impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible. And if you don’t believe that fact, you don’t know the history of little Israel.

The War of Independence

When the British received their League of Nations mandate over the Holy Land at the San Remo Conference in 1920, they were told to implement the Balfour Declaration that called for “the establishment…

Who Took Whose Lands?

Although the British were instructed in 1920 to help the Jewish people resettle into land that had been designated for a Jewish national home, they did just the opposite. Instead of facilitating Jewish…

The Six-Day War

Surrounded by 250,000 enemy soldiers, 2,000 tanks, and 700 jetfighters, Israel again defended herself. The outcome? Another miracle.

The Yom Kippur War

Anwar Sadat replaced Nasser as Egypt’s president after Nasser’s death in 1970. Sadat believed he had to regain the Sinai taken by Israel in 1967. Israeli intelligence warned the government that war…

The Terrorists

When it comes to terrorists, it is sometimes difficult to tell the players without a program. Although the secular press of late has taken to calling them militiamen, freedom fighters, militants, and other such misleading…

Status of Jewish Holy Sites

Under Jordanian occupation (May 28, 1948—June 7, 1967), all Jewish holy sites in East Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria were off-limits to Jews. In East Jerusalem, 58 synagogues were destroyed or desecrated. Jordan built…

When Was the Holy Land an Independent Arab State?

For years Yasser Arafat has referred to Israel as “our country, Palestine” and has talked about retaking the land, “restoring its freedom,” and restoring the State of Palestine with “holy Jerusalem” as its capital…

Exodus: Ship of Misfortune

The war was over, but the heartache was not. Tired, homeless, and hurting, the Jewish people aboard the Exodus found themselves victims yet again.

Home at Last

Israel was reborn and Jewish people were dancing in the streets when this magnificent article appeared in Israel My Glory.

The Miracle of Israel

Israel was still an infant when Victor Buksbazen toured the country and wrote this report, which is amazingly relevant today, fifty-two years later.

Five Facts You Should Know About Israel

Have you ever wondered why Jewish people have been scattered throughout the nations of the world more consistently than any other people? Why anti-Semitism persists in rearing its ugly head repeatedly throughout history? Why Nazism…

Israel’s Quest for Peace

What happened to the Oslo “peace train”? Did it even leave the station? Ride the rails of inquiry for a look at why there still is no peace in the Middle East.

Syria: Certain Foe, Uncertain Future

Take a trip through the history of Syria and learn how a country that once embraced Christianity has become a home for despotism and terrorists.

Downsizing the State of Israel

Going, going, gone? Learn why what’s being done to Israel today contradicts everything earlier Christian Zionists believed.

History by The Wishing Well

The ugly tentacles of revisionism are spreading over the Temple Mount. And if Arafat has his way, they eventually will reach all the way to Christ Himself.

Israel at the Epicenter

Did you know the Quran does not mention Jerusalem even once by name? Why, then, is that city so important to Muslims? The explanation is eye-opening.

Turning Back the Clock

For thirty years, Israeli farmers in north- ern Israel have lived in relative safety. Now those days may have ended.

Israel at the Crossroads

As I sat in the Israeli Government Press Office auditorium with many “weathered” journalists from around the world, a scene unfolded on the large-screen television before me that amazed us all. There in Washington, D.C….

A Palestinian State?

With a new Israeli prime minister who appears more open to negotiating with the Palestinians than his predecessor, it is appropriate to raise this question: What would a Palestinian state involve?

Russia Eyes the Middle East

President Ronald Reagan spoke of the Soviet Union as the “evil empire” in 1983. Although spoken in a political context at the time, there is more truth to that phrase than the former president may have realized. The Union dissolved…

The Many States of Palestine

An early Zionist leader was fond of speaking of the land that was to become Israel as “a land without a people for a people without a land.” Although his observation was, in large measure, accurate, it was not quite the whole of…

The Zion Connection: The Biblical Mandate

When God called Abram to leave Ur of the Chaldees, He was demanding that he strip himself of his identity. Abram was to leave all that made him who he was—his family, his possessions, and the land that he had known as…

The Emperors of Rome vs. The Messiah

Near the end of his life, as the Roman Emperor Domitian was making claims of divinity and persecuting the church, the Apostle John wrote, “the whole world lieth in wickedness” (1 Jn. 5:19b). John was teaching that earthly rulers…

Roman Madness at Masada

On Nisan 14 in the year 73 A.D., Jerusalem was quiet. Normally the city would have been full of Jewish pilgrims waiting in line for the Temple priests to sacrifice their Passover lambs. But on this day there were no pilgrims. There were no…

Perceptions…Old Shadows Fade Slowly

A few weeks ago I had lunch with an Israeli diplomat, a man for whom I hold great respect, in Washington, DC. We discussed, among a host of other things, the inescapable tensions that often arise between the Christian and Jewish…

The Conquest Over Pagan Jericho

When people hear the word Jericho, they naturally think of Israelites marching, trumpets sounding, and walls falling down. It is a wonderful story of faith and victory that we enjoy reading and telling in Sunday school class, but did it…

The Battle of the Gods: Paganism’s Seduction of Israel

The call had gone out nationwide to assemble at Mount Carmel. Now the peak was bustling with thousands of people. King Ahab was there. Also present were 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the Asherah. Standing before the throng…

The Joy of Hanukkah

Potato latkes, sufganiyot (Hebrew for jelly donuts), special songs, special food, and special times with family and friends are all part of the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, a festival that commemorates the Jewish victory over…

The Shrinking State Of Israel

The Jewish people had traveled a tortuous road for the better part of two millennia before Baron Lord Rothschild received, on behalf of the Jewish people, the official letter sanctioning a national home for Jewish people in Palestine. For 400 years…

Israel at 50: The Battle For Soil And Soul

To the casual observer of life in the Middle East, the real struggle there appears to be about the issue of soil. Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs are arguing over “land rights.” At times, this struggle has erupted into violence over how…

Israel at 50: Obstacles To Peace

The American College Dictionary defines the word obstacle as “something that stands in the way of or obstructs progress.” In order to understand the Middle East Peace Process, we must investigate the facts surrounding the…

Israel At 50: Its Chaotic Political System

Israel is a thriving democracy in the heart of the mainly Muslim Middle East. The Jewish state is the only full and stable democracy in the region, although a few other countries are attempting to move in that direction. However, Israel’s rambunctious…

Israel At 50: Celebrating the Year of Jubilee

The year 1998 is the Year of Jubilee—the 50th birthday of the State of Israel! What is going through the minds of Israelis on the state’s 50th birthday? What are the expectations of its citizens? Since Israel is a nation of immigrants…

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Israel Cannot Forget What Many Refuse to Remember

Repeated denials by U.S. officials of any intention to pressure Israel into a posture of appeasement in the interest of approving nods from Yasser Arafat are refuted by their own actions. The heat is on Israel to acquiesce to Washington’s…

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Are Christian Zionists Bad News for Jewry?

Jewish people are being warned to watch out for Christian Zionists by “Bracing for the Apocalypse.” In an article published by Forward newspaper (February 6, 1998), Jonathan Mahler produced a classic exercise in manipulative…

Israel’s Right to Peace And Security

It is increasingly clear that the major roadblock to peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not Israel’s alleged refusal to make concessions to Arab demands. In fact, the more land Israel concedes, the more strident the Palestinian…

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Zionism: One Hundred Years and Counting

Most of us hardly noticed that Israel was having a birthday. No, I’m not talking about its upcoming 50th, which will be celebrated in 1998. It was in August 1897 that a group of Jewish representatives in silk hats and frock coats filed into a hall in Basel, Switzerland, to hear…

The Temple in the First Century

“He who has not seen Herod’s Temple has never seen a beautiful building.” With those deliberately exaggerated words, rabbis extolled the magnificence of the Temple that was in Jerusalem during the first century A.D. Although the religious Jews often despised…

Time for a Temple?

The most volatile 35 acres on earth are undoubtedly those comprising a rectangular platform in East Jerusalem on which the ancient Jewish Temple once stood. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament affirm that a new Temple will once again occupy…

Israel’s 1948 War Of Independence

In a few months, the State of Israel will commemorate fifty years of modern statehood. No nation in the history of mankind has been born out of such enormous suffering.

Six Days In June Oct/Nov 1997

“A people considered for centuries as non-fighters carried out in June, 1967 against long odds the most nearly perfect military operation in modern history.” With these words an eminent American historian opened her…

The Yom Kippur War Oct/Nov 1997

Prime Minister Golda Meir was worried. It was that same strange feeling she had back in 1967, on the eve of the Six-Day War. Reports had been coming in since May…

Lebanon: Land Of Beauty, Land Of War

The Bible pictures Lebanon as a land of towering mountains covered by tall cedars, rising above lush valleys with flowing rivers. Although few of the famed trees grow in the rugged mountains of modern Lebanon…