Bowing to the Bad Guys

A recent report that Guantanamo’s Muslim detainees have convinced the U.S. prison not to fly the American flag where they can see it is consistent with the inexplicable descent into the absurd…

Being Right in a Rough World

When the news first broke that Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan, television captured images of college students celebrating in Washington, DC, and National Public Radio gave unenlightened coverage…

Fortress of Faith, Castles of Sand

Christianity in America is under attack as never before. The press is particularly hostile. But the source of other threats may surprise you.

Israel in the News Jul/Aug 2011

In August it will be six years since 10,000 Jews were expelled from 21 beautiful communities in Gush Katif/Gaza and the Shomron (Samaria). Most still live in trailer towns like Nitzan…

From Bill Sutter’s Desk May/Jun 2011

Blatant attempts to defame Israel as illegitimate and deny the Jewish state its rightful place among the countries of the world have been painfully obvious to those of us who stand with…

Beware the New Barbarians

An ultra-liberal movement is ripping its way through American culture. I call its purveyors the “new barbarians.” When we think of barbarian, we often picture Neolithic-looking creatures in animal skins, wielding giant clubs.

Eying the Ashes

Almost 50 years ago in America, the cry “Burn, baby, burn!” swept across Los Angeles, California, as riots that began in the Watts neighborhood raged out of control. They would be…

Israel in the News May/Jun 2011

“What kind of monster butchers an infant?” American TV personality Glenn Beck asked his viewers recently, following the brutal massacre of five Israelis in the West Bank town of Itamar.

From Bill Sutter’s Desk Mar/Apr 2011

In 1950, a mere two years after the birth of the modern State of Israel, a historic conference was convened by then-Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in Jerusalem’s King David Hotel.

Eye on the Middle East Mar/Apr 2011

Students at Princeton University voted last fall on a referendum combining politics and cuisine. The issue raised by The Princeton Committee for Palestine wanted students to approve a boycott on hummus.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The timing was striking. The article appeared in the December 5, 2010, issue of The New York Times. Harvard philosophy professor Sean D. Kelly wrote about what makes a “life worthy of…admiration.”

An Unsought Exodus

A new crusade to rid the Middle East of Jewish people is picking up support around the world. Will it succeed? Read this.

Setting TIME Magazine Straight

In his latest article on Israel and the Palestinians, TIME magazine’s Karl Vick prejudges matters almost from the outset in his reference to “Israel’s 43 years of occupation of Palestinian territory.”

Israel in the News Mar/Apr 2011

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag now flies in Washington, DC. PLO officials hoisted their banner over their U.S. mission for the first time in January.
Said mission chief Maen Areikat…

Assessing the Fear Factor

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, leader of the crusade to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City, trashed his “moderation” pose when he disregarded millions of concerned Americans…

The Invisible Revolution

When I read the comment in Wired magazine last fall, I was so astonished I had to read it again. It reaffirmed my suspicion that there is a quiet, almost…

They Cry in Silence Jan/Feb 2011

We have been hearing reports that the sprawling Muslim country of Indonesia is a model of pluralism and religious harmony. According to an article on by Louise Fenner, “Indonesia…

No One To Talk To?

British scientist Stephen Hawking is one more atheist trying to tell us there is no God. In his new book, The Grand Design, Hawking contends, “Because there is a law such as gravity…

A More Perfect Union Nov/Dec 2010

Julea Ward was getting A’s in her classes. She had completed all of her required work for a master’s degree in counseling at Eastern Michigan University, but problems arose during…

Hope We Can Believe In

Are you worried about the future? Politicians tell us “change” is what we need. But God knows what we need, and He delivered it around 2,000 years ago.

Tampering With Freedom of Religion

President Ronald Reagan often called the White House a “bully pulpit,” meaning its power and prestige gave the president of the United States the ability to speak out on issues and influence…

Messianic Wannabes

So many people have claimed to be Christ who returned to Earth. But a brief look at their lives and ministries tells a different story.

Israel in the News Nov/Dec 2010

Journalist Mitchell Prothero said Hamas is confiscating humanitarian goods donated by the international community and forcing Gaza Arabs to pay for them. Prothero spoke to a commander of Islamic Jihad…

Adhan Over Ground Zero

An estimated 10,000 protestors showed up on the streets of New York June 6 to rally against the proposed construction of a giant 13-story mosque and Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero…

A More Perfect Union Sep/Oct 2010

Now that the hotly contested Senate confirmation hearing of Elena Kagan is over and President Barack Obama’s nominee has become the 112th justice to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court…

Now That the Smoke Has Cleared

Nine years have passed since the tragedy of 9/11. Are we wiser and more diligent, or have we become what Lenin called “useful idiots”?

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2010

Compass Direct News recently gave us a glance at life for Christians in Pakistan, a country that is 97 percent Muslim and purported to be an ally of America and…

Israel in the News Sep/Oct 2010

Bypassing Senate confirmation, U.S. President Barack Obama in July named a Medicare chief who supports socialized medicine and belongs to an anti-Israel physicians’ group. Dr. Donald Berwick contributes financially to Physicians…

From Bill Sutter’s Desk Jul/Aug 2010

The world is a strange place. What it needs the most is often what it hates the most. Of all the countries in the world, Israel is probably the most hated. People call…

Who Writes the Last Chapter?

Just when some of the “leading lights” of the international diplomatic community thought progress might be brewing in the quest to tame the Iranian mullocracy through UN sanctions, the lid…

A More Perfect Union Jul/Aug 2010

It all started when the Christian Legal Society (CLS), a fellowship group of Christian law students and lawyers, sought official recognition at the Hastings Law School, a part of the California…

The Downside to Assimilation

Wanting to be like everyone else often comes with a price. And sometimes, as this article shows, it’s too high to pay.

The Emergents Are Emerging

The emergent/emerging movement is barely over a decade old (depending on when one marks its birth), and already it has splintered and morphed in many directions. As a result, it is often…

Getting the Gist of J Street

A new movement is afoot to strip Israel of its Jewish identity. And, remarkably, the people propelling it are Jewish.

Z Street: The Zionist Answer to J Street

Not all American Jews are happy with J Street. In fact, in July 2009 Lori Lowenthal Marcus cofounded a rebuttal: Z Street. “The Z stands for Zionism,” she said in a telephone…

The Quantum Shift Toward Paganism

Eastern beliefs are infiltrating Christendom and moving it toward a one-world philosophy, the tenets of which may shock you.

‘Re-Imagining’ God

Although some attribute the emerging pagan worldview to the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and early ’70s, the professing church actually shifted toward paganism in 1993 with the first and now-infamous…

Blessed Are the Intolerant

Wanting to be more “accepting” of the world, professing Christians are turning away from biblical truth. Here’s a look at the sad downward spiral.

Anti-Jewish Church Edicts

The following is a sampling of the edicts and canon laws the organized church issued against Jewish people. This order is intended to keep Jews and Christians apart. It forbade…

Israel in the News Jul/Aug 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama has threatened to impose his own solution to the Middle East problem, which “the Israelis won’t appreciate,” if Israel and the Palestinians fail to settle the situation…

A More Perfect Union May/Jun 2010

In January the U.S. Supreme Court decided the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Although the 5–4 decision narrowly upheld freedom of speech, it also made obvious the two…

Assessing the “What Hit Us?” Conundrum

It feels a lot like a dream, or nightmare if you prefer, from which we’ll emerge in the morning. But it isn’t. It is, in fact, a revolution that has ridden…

A More Perfect Union Mar/Apr 2010

Even the quickest glance at the text of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution makes one thing exceedingly clear: each of the rights guaranteed therein—religion, speech, assembly, and freedom…

They Cry in Silence Mar/Apr 2010

Compass Direct News reports that Christians in India were battered last year by radical Hindu extremists. A partial listing of the violent attacks confirmed that Christians were assaulted more than three…

Israel in the News Mar/Apr 2010

While the world marveled at the speed and efficiency with which Israel responded to January’s Haitian disaster, The New York Times found fault. The tiny Jewish state launched such a massive…

Learning the Hard Way

Most ordinary people laugh off as silliness much of what has become known as political correctness. But in the aftermath of Maj. Nidal Hasan’s brutal attack on military personnel at Fort…

Netanyahu’s Candle of Truth

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an eloquent stand for truth at the UN in September. But what he told the Israeli news media outside the Assembly Hall may have been as important…

A More Perfect Union Jan/Feb 2010

On October 22 in Washington, DC, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) convened a hearing process that may determine who will rule the Internet. What happens could affect the freedom of Christians…

The Cross in the Desert

Thousands of Americans are buried overseas where they died fighting for their country. Now the ACLU wants to remove a cross that signifies the last measure of their devotion.

Racing Toward the New World Order

The future dreamed of by the globalists of the 1980s has arrived. And it spells nothing good for Christians or loyal, devoted Americans.

G-20 and Beyond: The Push for Global Finance

First came the euro, the multinational currency of the European Union. Now something more comprehensive is on the drawing board, and its implementation may be closer than you think.

The Emergent Kingdom

The emergent church is growing. Unfortunately, it embraces three distinct understandings of God’s Kingdom that draw the movement toward acceptance of a one-world system.

Israel in the News Jan/Feb 2010

Young female athletes from Israel’s fencing team swept top medals at a 28-nation European tournament in Austria in November, but when they received their medals, the organizers did not play…

A More Perfect Union Nov/Dec 2009

Now that Sonia Sotomayor has been sworn in as the newest associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, some reflections are in order. How much do we really know about…

The Birth that Changed the World

Hymns, tinsel, decorations, and good cheer used to flood America’s public schools at Christmastime. Though these have all disappeared, one thing will never be erased.

The 12 Rules of Christmas®

Unfortunately, Christmas has become a time of controversy over what can and cannot be done in terms of celebrating the holiday. To clear up much of the misunderstanding, the following…

From Bill Sutter’s Desk Sep/Oct 2009

Recently we have witnessed an almost daily assault on biblical values designed, it would seem, to subvert the influence of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage on the forces of God-free humanism. Inaugural festivities…

Eye on the Middle East Sep/Oct 2009

In what, under the circumstances, some would think incredible, 100 people deplaned in June in Tel Aviv as new immigrants to Israel. They were the vanguard for thousands more scheduled to make…

A More Perfect Union Sep/Oct 2009

As part of my work with National Religious Broadcasters, I was involved in a small meeting in the Capitol Hill office of a congressional representative not long ago. Known in political circles…

Picking the Wrong Opponent

The God-haters are out to remake America in their image. It will be a fight to the death. But there are some things they aren’t counting on.

The Doctrine of Mahdism

He is called the Hidden Imam. No one knows the hour of his return. But he will rule the world, which will acknowledge Islam as the true religion. Who is he? He is the Islamic messiah.

Ahmadinejad’s Messianic Policy

Even though other Muslims have ruled Iran, Ahmadinejad is different. He claims he has a direct connection to God and will usher in the Mahdi. Unfortunately, his faith has worldwide implications.

Reading a Premature Obituary

To hear the secular news media tell it, Christianity in America is one small wheeze away from death. Well, that isn’t exactly accurate. Here’s the rest of the story.

A More Perfect Union Jul/Aug 2009

Thomas Jefferson once famously said, “Almighty God hath created the mind free….All attempts to influence it by temporal punishments or burthens [burdens]…are a departure from the plan of the Holy…

Israel in the News Jul/Aug 2009

Warnings abound that the Obama administration’s policies will leave Israel to face Iran and Hamas alone. The warnings are summed up in recent articles by the West’s two main pro-Israel…

The ‘Danger’ of Christian Zionism

Thus read the first line of a December 2008 news release from the National Council of Churches (NCC). So exercised is this liberal federation of mainline denominations, which claims to represent…

Facing the Goliath of the Liberal Media Part Two

The news media has called Christians everything from demented to stupid to downright evil. If you aren’t aware of what’s happening, it’s time to read this and smell the slander.

Christians Fight for Rights in U.S. Schools

Brittany McComb was one of three valedictorians chosen to give a speech before 400 of her peers at her high school graduation in Henderson, Nevada, in 2006. But during commencement…

Will the Emergent Church Submerge Yours?

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the 21st century. In the late 20th century, certain leaders came out stating that we needed a “new way of doing church.” That old-time…

Democrats, Republicans, and Israel

Since Israel came into existence in 1948, Democrats and Republicans have changed places in their attitudes toward Israel. In the first era, 1948–70, Democrats sympathized more with the Jewish state…

Who Holds the Future?

The conversation was between a militant, Russian Communist and a reserved, elderly Christian in the days before the collapse of the Soviet Union. A disciple of Marx and Lenin, the Communist…

Security on the Island of Grace

When the qualities that made America great disappear, America may disappear as well. And one quality in particular overrides the rest. A secure America depends on it.

They Cry in Silence Jan/Feb 2009

Read these statistics and then try to tell yourself that all is well in the world of Christianity. According to the All India Christian Council (AICC), as reported by Compass…

Who Is Responsible?

Several years ago singer Barbra Streisand publicly berated actress Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) for her adamant stand against abortion. Asked by Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly to comment, Heaton replied…

Is He or Isn’t He?

Is Jesus the only way to God? CNN’s Larry King seems to want to know—along with millions of other people, some of whom have rather interesting points of view.

The Ghost of America Yet to Come

The Netherlands is a small country with a big problem. And by the looks of things, America is heading in the same direction.

How Many Gods?

So reads a billboard along Interstate 95 in Philadelphia, erected by PhillyCOR (the Greater Philadelphia Coalition of Reason). The coalition defines itself as a group of free thinkers, atheists, humanists…

The Way We Are

The world in which we live is crazy. Sometimes it seems as though societies have gone totally mad. For example, on July 16, 2008, Israel returned four living, breathing terrorists…

Eye on the Future

Two preachers were handing out tracts in England recently when a police officer threatened to throw them in jail for committing a hate crime. “They were warned that if they came back and were beaten

Martyrs or Murderers? There is a Difference

Religion, religion, religion. We don’t like to speak of it in the West, but it perme- ates every facet of everyday life for Muslims. And it determines many things, as you’ll see when you read this article.

Who Speaks for Evangelical Christians?

It’s been rather amusing over the years to observe those who think they call the shots for evangelical and/or fundamentalist Christians when it comes to making social or political decisions in American life.

God Bless America

Eckhart Tolle, Jeremiah Wright, Jimmy Carter. Believe it or not, they all have something in common. And if you love the Lord, love your country, and love Israel, you won’t be too happy about it.

In the Shadow of a Praying Nation

This summer marks the 45th anniversary of the ruling that outlawed reading the Bible and reciting the Lord’s Prayer in America’s public schools. But there’s more. Read on.

Rampaging Toward Change

The 10-year-old had a tight grip on a dollar bill when his father pulled into the parking lot of the general store. The boy anxiously held out his dollar and asked…

Rabbi Bernstein Still Battling Freehold

If you want to hold a growth group, Bible study, prayer meeting, or weekly religious gathering of any type in your home in Freehold, New Jersey, you likely will find yourself before the zoning…

The Poor Ye Will Always Have With You

Israel’s recent economic prosperity is hardly shared by everyone living here. Sadly, the poverty rate has actually grown this decade as the stock market and financial compensation for most chief executive officers (CEOs) roared ahead.

From Bill Sutter’s Desk Mar/Apr 2008

We recently received a personal invitation and media advisory from international Muslim leaders calling for a meeting at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. This Muslim-Christian event was billed as an “historic olive branch.”

Eleven Things Christians Should Know

“Bethlehem will become a town of churches devoid of Christians if you transfer the area to the Palestinian Authority,” predicted the late mayor of Bethlehem, Elias Freij, pleading—in 1993—not to transfer…

Eye on the Middle East Jan/Feb 2008

A man identifying himself as a “missionary in Jerusalem” wrote a scathing response to an op-ed piece I wrote recently for The Jerusalem Post. The writer castigated me for my apparent lack of love…

Mainline or Out of Bounds

Leaders of the National Council of Churches U.S.A. (NCC) are fond of reminding us of its size and influence. In fact, a Web site reviewing the organization’s newest yearbook called the NCC…

While We Were Sleeping

Unbelievers will go to the mat to prevent dog fighting, but believers won’t do the same to prevent worldwide persecution of their brethren in Christ. Read what is happening while we sleep.

Bernsteins Today, Baptists Tomorrow

When ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Avraham Bernstein of Freehold Township, New Jersey, decided to hold a Friday evening Shabbat service in his home almost ten years ago, he had no idea he would become…

Persecution Update

COMPASS DIRECT NEWS—Pastor Mark Jaikumar was recovering recently in a private care facility in Bangalore, Karnataka state, India, after being kidnapped and blindfolded and overhearing Hindu extremists’ plans to kill him…

The Everlasting Hatred

Born-again believers and Jewish people have been persecuted for millennia. And, unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. Why? Because of the everlasting hatred.

Christ: The Hope of Nations

America’s Founding Fathers placed their hope for this nation on the truth of Christianity. But as important as the American historical record is, something else is even more important.