The Fiery Red Dragon

All he wanted was a sugar apple. He didn’t know it would cost him his life. Muhamad Anwar, a 31-year-old fisherman, probably knew he was trespassing…

On the Docket

For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first…

The Great Deliverance

At a “Thank God for Israel” event on an American university campus a few years ago, a young Jewish rabbi accosted me after I spoke…

The Coming Invasion

Today much of the world despises Israel. All it takes to substantiate this truth is a look at the UN’s overwhelming number of anti-Israel resolutions, the countries that have waged war against Israel in hopes of annihilating it, and the news media’s endless caricature of…

Icon of an open Bible. The Berean Box.

Q: What did Jesus mean…(Mt. 24:34)?

The key word here is generation (Greek, genea). It can mean race, nation, or age and can also refer to a physical or moral span of time. Jesus made the statement…

The Rapture

When the word Rapture is mentioned, responses differ. Some people know it refers to Christ coming to take the church to heaven. Others incorrectly associate the rapture with Christ’s Second Coming. Still others have no idea…

When Do People Receive Their Resurrected Bodies?

Every person born since the creation of man will receive a resurrected body. Some will enjoy eternal life with God, while others will suffer eternal damnation and judgment in the Lake of Fire. This chart explains the various resurrections.

When Is It?

Christ’s premillennial Second Coming to Earth is evident even from a casual reading of the Scriptures. The Bible, taken at face value, clearly states the Messiah will return to establish His worldwide, earthly Kingdom, headquartered in Jerusalem .

What We’re Spared

Think of the worst disasters in history. They’re nothing compared to what lies ahead—but not for the bride of Christ. “Husband Charged With Domestic Violence.” It’s an all-too-familiar headline. Sometimes the offender is a celebrity…

The Rapture: Who Is Left Behind?

A completely different world is coming—one that, for a time, will not contain a single, genuine, Bible-believing Christian. The event that removes them is called the Rapture…

Is One-World Currency Only a Click Away?

For many people today, online shopping is the way to go. You don’t have to fight traffic on the roads or wait in long lines. There are no crowded aisles, and the store never…

Worshiping the Techno Gods

With technology, we can change the world.” I was sitting in an examining room at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, listening to my oncologist…

The Seven Keys to History Conclusion

A correct perspective on world history provides a proper framework for living and prevents us from being easily deceived or led astray. One day, life as…

World Events and Prophecy

If you find Bible prophecy a bit confusing, this article is perfect for you! It’s clear, concise, and shows unmistakably how end-times events are right around the corner.

The Facts and Flaws of Covenant Theology Part Two

Covenant Theology is the dominant theological system of most mainline Protestant churches and maintains that God has replaced the Jewish people with the church. On the basis of two or three “covenants”…

Entering the Millennium

First the Messiah will level the forces against Him in the Valley of Megiddo. Then He will usher in a new era. If you’re interested in how things will unfold, you’ll love this article.

The Gentile Sheep and Goats

When Messiah Jesus returns, He will judge the Gentiles to determine who among them will enter the Messianic Kingdom. The prophet Joel identified those being judged using the Hebrew word goyim…

Prophets Among Them

In the midst of the future Tribulation, as the Lord batters Earth with judgment after judgment, two extraordinary men will appear in Jerusalem. The Bible says they will have amazing…

The Tribulation’s Silver Lining

Humanity is about to hit the skids. But God has a reason for everything. Here is a peek at His purpose and the glorious silver lining.

The Beginning of the End

When the Lord Jesus opens the first seal, God’s final judgments will begin. And it will be the end of life on Earth as we know it.

144,000 Good Men

Using salt when instructions call for sugar dramatically changes a recipe. Sugar and salt are not the same, and no amount of symbolic interpretation can make them so. You must take…

And the Trumpets Shall Sound

The trumpet judgments will affect the entire world’s ecosystem: trees, water, and the very air we breathe.

Beware the Bowls!

The scene is God’s courtroom in heaven. The bowls are about to be poured out, bringing to full measure God’s wrath on sinful humanity.

The Kingdom of the Beast

Who doesn’t want global peace and harmony? Who doesn’t wish to live in a utopia? The day is coming when some people will think they’re getting what they wished for—but they will be dreadfully wrong.

The No-Battle Battle of Armageddon

A mere seven years after his meteoric rise to power, the Antichrist will have ruined the planet. Those taking his mark of allegiance will be covered in “foul and loathsome” sores…

They Won’t Bow to Antichrist

There’s probably nothing Jewish people want more these days than peace. And when the Antichrist offers it in the future, he will deceive them—and most of the world—into believing he…

Antiochus and the Antichrist

Some say the unspeakably evil man in Daniel is Antiochus IV only. That is not correct, and here is why.

Who’s Who in Daniel 11

Daniel 11 tells the future. In Daniel’s day, it pulled back the curtain of time and revealed what would take place among the nations after Daniel’s death in 536 B.C. Even today…

Daniel’s 70 Weeks

If you adhere to the literalist-premillennialist interpretation of Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks (Dan. 9:24–27), here is what you believe: The 70th “week” (seven-year period, also known as the Tribulation) still remains…

The Trouble with Preterism

Has all prophecy been fulfilled? Preterists say yes, God has done it all. Such skewed theology is not only bad for Israel, it’s bad for the church as well.

The Rapture

At least seven years before He sets His feet on planet Earth once again, Jesus Christ will descend from heaven. The bodies of Christians who have died during the Church Age…

The Tribulation

More than 37 million people died during World War I. Another 62 million died in World War II. Despite the horror of those numbers, they are miniscule compared to the billions…

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is one of the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith. It is sometimes confused with the Rapture of the church. However, there are distinctions…

Satan’s Last Hurrah

The most intense period of the continuing war between Satan and God will be the last seven years before Jesus the Messiah returns in His Second Coming to crush Satan…

Israel’s Salvation

Zechariah 12:1–14: Will Israel survive the hatred and unceasing persecution that has plagued it for centuries? Although it faces a cauldron of unrelenting conflict, Israel will survive the world’s attempts to annihilate it. The last…

The Lamb in the Apocalypse

Students of Scripture have long observed that the central message of God’s Word is reflected in the motif of the Lamb, who is Jesus. The Lamb in the Old Testament is seen on the altar. In…

Israel’s Wickedness Removed

Zechariah 5:1–11: Zechariah’s first five visions greatly encouraged and comforted the Jewish remnant returning from Babylon. They revealed that the lord would return to Jerusalem with mercy, give Israel victory over its enemies, reestablish and enlarge Jerusalem…

God’s Holy Mountain

The phrase God’s holy mountain appears 18 times in the Old Testament; and though it defines two significant locations during different periods…

God’s Care for Judah

Upon the four and twentieth day of the eleventh month, which is the month Shebat, in the second year of Darius [January/February 519 B.C.], came the word of the LORD unto Zechariah, the son of…

The ‘Final Solution’

How does a nation plan genocide? Hitler’s systematic, calculated method will alarm you, even as it confirms the truth of the depravity of man.

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Works cannot carry you to heaven. But that doesn’t mean they count for nothing when you get there.

The Seven Judgments

Not all judgments occur in the end-times. In fact, you may be in the midst of one right now!

Aftermath of the Rapture

When the Lord returns to take His church, the world will become a very different—and frightening—place to live.

Jesus Christ and the Future Kingdom of God Part Three

Jesus Christ will play the key role in crushing Satan. His work of redemption through His death on the cross in His First Coming gives Him the authority to do this future work as mankind’s Kinsman-Redeemer (Heb. 2:14; 1 Jn. 3:8). Seven years before…

The Fall of Babylon

Revelation 18: In the 1980s, Saddam Hussein started to rebuild portions of the ancient city of Babylon. Christians began to ask if Hussein’s project had anything to do with Bible prophecy. This in turn rekindled the often-asked question…

The Woman and the Beast

Revelation 17:7–18: The woman sitting on the scarlet-colored beast was a spectacle to behold. John marveled at her ostentatious dress, idolatrous practices, murder of defenseless saints, and alliance with pagan Rome. Understanding John’s great wonderment…

The Seven Bowls Of Wrath Revelation 16:1–21

In Chapter 15, John was given a detailed introduction to the bowl judgments. He saw seven angels proceeding from God’s heavenly Temple with seven bowls in hand, ready to pour out God’s wrath upon the earth.

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Many successful businesses engage their employees in an annual ritual known as the “year-end formal performance review.” On those occasions, a manager sits down with an employee, report in hand, and surveys…

Israel’s Final Judgment

The recurrent hatred of Jewry throughout its existence is an enigma—a people so small in number yet so central on the pages of world history. The benefits of the Jewish people to the masses…

The Judgment of the Nations

As long as I don’t hurt anyone, whatever I do is just fine.” Such proverbs abound in our day. Morality is defined by personal opinions. Courts pass laws based on majority vote or popular consensus.

Vision of God’s Coming Wrath Revelation 15:1–8

Revelation 15, although short in length, is not short in significance or importance. It provides a needed introduction to the final phase of God’s wrath. In this chapter John was given two glorious visions from…

The Coming World Prophet Revelation 13:11–18

Jesus predicted that many false Christs and prophets would appear in the last days. The two beasts mentioned in Revelation 13 are the final unveiling of Jesus’ prophecy that will take place during the Great

The Coming World Ruler Revelation 13:1–10

Attempts to identify the beast of Revelation have been numerous. Throughout church history, suggested candidates have been Judas, Nero, the Pope, Hitler, Mussolini, Kennedy, Kissinger, and many others.

Israel’s Travail and Triumph Revelation 12

Satan’s attempts to annihilate the Jewish people throughout the centuries are well documented in biblical and secular history. Demonically inspired despots like Haman and Hitler, filled with fanatical hatred, have attempted genocide of Jewish people…

Messengers With a Mandate Revelation 11

The long interlude between the sixth and seventh trumpets is continued from chapter 10. In the last verse of that chapter, John was instructed that he must prophesy again about many peoples, tongues, and nations.

Angel with a Little Scroll Revelation 10

There are a number of interludes throughout the judgment portions of Revelation. One is presented between the sixth and seventh seals in Revelation 7, and a second is presented between the sixth and seventh trumpets…

The Trumpet Judgments Revelation 8:1–9:21

When John “opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour” (v. 1). This seventh seal contains the seven trumpet and seven bowl judgments.

Gog And Magog

Ezekiel 38–39 foretells a massive future invasion “of Israel by the armed forces of six nations. Five of those nations are identified in 38:5–6 with the names they bore in Ezekiel’s time.

The Second Coming of Christ: Matthew 24:27–31

Towering over the efforts of mankind, the marvelous inventions that have made life comfortable, the grandiose plans of politicians, and any dreams we may have is the fact that Jesus Christ will come to the…

The Gentiles in the Kingdom

When the average Christian studies the millennial reign of Christ, it is usually from the perspective of the literal person of the Messiah ruling over the earth from Jerusalem for one thousand years.

The Judgment Phase of the Broad Day of the Lord

A previous article demonstrated that the broad Day of the Lord will begin with a phase of divine judgment. What will be the duration of this judgment phase? What time span will it cover?

The Comfort Of His Coming 1 Thessalonians 1

Comfort is the operative word Paul gave to the suffering saints at Thessalonica. As was often true for first-century Christians, this church was born in affliction and immediately immersed in the caldron of persecution.

The Day of the Lord 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

The major subject of 1 Thessalonians 5:1–11 is the future Day of the Lord, which refers to God’s future intervention into world events to accomplish His purpose in history—to glorify Himself by demonstrating the fact…

The Day of the Lord Zephaniah 1:7–2:3

On June 22, 1990, a massive earthquake rocked northern Iran just after midnight. Iranian radio estimated the death toll to be approximately 45,000, with as many as 130,000 injured. Entire villages were either reduced…

The Tribulation and Millennial Temples

Since the early days of the Davidic kingdom, when David first had a desire to build a permanent dwelling place for the Lord, most Jewish people have longed for such a central place of worship.

The Rapture of the Church

We believe in the premillennial and pretribulational return of Jesus Christ. This means that Christ’s return for His bride (the Church) is imminent and therefore can happen at any moment (1 Th. 4:13–17; 5:6).

The Antichrist Is Coming

One day soon, a man is going to gallop onto the stage of human history. He will be a political leader. In the beginning, he will expand his empire through diplomatic ventures and subtle “peace” diplomacy.

Unmasking The Apostate

The winds of apostasy are raging worldwide. Such news is not new or startling, for the Bible predicted that in the last days apostates would flood into the church with their heretical teachings.

Apostates In Profile

He was born near Lynn, Indiana, on May 13,1931. At the age of twenty-one, he became pastor of his first church. He preached a fundamental Christianity early in his ministry, but his message radically changed…

The Beginning and Nature of The Church

Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology disagree concerning two major matters related to the Church. Those two matters are: first, the time that the Church began, and, second, the nature of the Church.

The Tribes of Israel In The End Times

Jacob’s series of deathbed blessings on his twelve sons in Genesis 49 were also prophecies of what would characterize the tribes that came from each son. All of these prophecies have been fulfilled…

A Theology For The Remnant

It is never easy to swim upstream – to buck the tides and resist the currents. But, by the very nature of the case, true Christianity calls for an upstream lifestyle.

THE DAY OF THE LORD: The Return of The Messiah Part Five

The cry of this age is peace, peace, peace! Men are looking for peace and security. They want job security, health security. and life security — a time when war will cease and universal peace will prevail forever.

The Sign of The End of The Age

The die was cast — the decision was final — Jesus was leaving. Israel’s tragic plight was now sealed. They had brought it on themselves. During three years of public ministry Jesus had pleaded…

The Time of Christ’s Return

The disciples were crushed. Jesus was leaving. They had followed Him for three years. The way had been long, the road rough, the obstacles many and the confrontations with the Jewish leadership perplexing.

Armed for Armageddon or/When Will The Lamb Come For His Own?

There are a growing number of Christian “survivalists” in our country claiming that the Church of Jesus Christ must go through the Tribulation. However, it should be noted at the outset that not all post-tribulationists…

VIEW FROM OLIVET second coming & the kingdom

It was near the conclusion of His earthly ministry that Jesus confirmed the certainty of a future kingdom upon the earth. Intertwined with that truth was the promise that He himself would return to establish and maintain this earthly kingdom…

God and Satan In Conflict Through The Ages

The battle lines have been drawn. God and Satan are in conflict. The sphere of that conflict is Heaven and earth. The subjects of that conflict are angelic and human. The outcome of the conflict is certain.

He’s Got The Whole World…

There comes a day among men and nations when the cup of iniquity is filled full — when the mercy of God repeatedly flaunted issues in the judgment of God (Gen. 6:5-7; Jer. 9)

The Purging of Planet Earth

The Apostle John had both a unique opportunity and a heartrending experience as he watched God’s prophetic program of redemption for mankind brought to its culmination.


Holocaust, Just the word strikes terror in the hearts of millions as they recall the television documentary by that name. Paraded before their eyes was a destruction of people unparalleled in the annals of human history.