19 Characteristics of People in the Last Days

1. “Lovers of themselves” (2 Tim. 3:2). Self-love heads the list of sins because human nature is always selfish. All evil desires spring from this craving to satisfy self.

2. “Lovers of money” (v. 2). The yearning to be rich will drive the masses to accumulate as much wealth as possible.

3. “Boasters” (v. 2). People will brag continually and heap on themselves virtues and prestige they do not possess.

4. “Proud,” or haughty (v. 2). They’ll be pharisaical, puffed up with their own importance. Proud of their achievements, possessions, or positions, they will look down on others with disdain, considering themselves superior.

5. “Blasphemers” (v. 2). Their language will be offensive, abusive, rude, vulgar, and hurtful; and they will happily slander God and others.

6. “Disobedient to parents” (v. 2). They’ll disregard parental authority, something we see happening today. Lack of parental guidance, control, and discipline will create a society filled with rebellious children who have no respect for authority.

7. “Unthankful” (v. 2). They will be completely unappreciative of all they received from their parents. This situation extends to social relationships as well.

8. “Unholy” (v. 2). They will have no respect for God, the Bible, or anything sacred and will live irreverently.

9. “Unloving” (v. 3). The KJV says, “without natural affection.” Utterly devoid of natural affection for family will make it easy for them to betray their relatives and those closest to them.

10. “Unforgiving” (v. 3). Callousness will make them continually hostile. They’ll hold onto grudges and hatred, resisting any effort to reconcile their differences with one another.

11. “Slanderers” (v. 3). They will falsely accuse one another in public and try to damage reputations.

12. “Without self-control” (v. 3). They will become even more undisciplined in their lifestyles, throw caution to the wind, and show no restraint when it comes to satisfying their desires and urges. They will live wholly to gratify themselves.

13. “Brutal,” or fierce (v. 3). They’ll live like wild, savage animals, fiercely pursuing whatever they desire without any consciousness of facing judgment from man or God.

14. “Despisers of good” (v. 3). (Literally, “no love”) They’ll hate everything good, including people, laws, and standards and oppose anything good in society.

15. “Traitors” (v. 4). They’ll break and betray promises, trusts, and confidences, even though doing so jeopardizes their lives or families.

16. “Headstrong” (v. 4). They’ll act irrationally and recklessly, without thinking of the consequences to themselves and others.

17. “Haughty” (v. 4). Puffed up with pride, egotism, conceit, and selflove, no one will be able to tell them anything. They’ll think they know it all.

18. “Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” (v. 4). In their unbridled desire for pleasure, they’ll be wholly controlled and absorbed by self-gratification. This does not mean they’re without any consciousness of God in their lives, but He will have no priority.

19. “Having a form of godliness but denying its power” (v. 5). Despite all these characteristics, some will try to maintain “a form” of godliness. They may try to appear godly to others but will be utterly devoid of true righteousness. They will teach lies, deceive others, and have no power that comes from God.

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  1. I have always enjoyed hearing David Levy. He holds your attention the entire time he is speaking. I have heard no speaker better than him. I always look for his articles when receiving the IMG magazine.

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