Zvi Nov/Dec 2009

In Psalm 94:3 it is written, “How long will the wicked triumph?” There are many wicked people in this world, but it is especially sad when one of them is your neighbor. We have lived in this neighborhood in Jerusalem for 35 years and are friends with everyone here. But a new family moved in recently, and the man sees himself as ruler over the rest of us. Because he is strong, he has tried to frighten us; and he decided to start with me.

One day he came to our home without an invitation. “What do you want here?” I asked as I opened the door.

“I know who you are,” he said “and in whom you believe.” He told me he had information that we believe in Christ and that, if I did not pay him to keep quiet, he would make certain the newspapers printed an article exposing my faith. “So you have to pay me,” he said.

Someone else came to me a few years ago, trying to frighten me the same way. And I told him the same thing I told this man. “Well,” I said, “If you can get the newspapers to write about me, you will do me a big favor.”

He was surprised that I was not afraid. “What will you tell them?” I asked. “That I believe in Christ and that I go to people and try to teach them according to the Bible so that they will come to know the Lord and receive Him as their Savior? If they write about me for free, it will be the best favor you could do for me. Because, as you well know, most people must pay much money for such fine publicity, and you want to give it to me for free! So I am very grateful. Thank you very much. I will wait for the publications to come out.”

Seeing that his threats did not produce the results he wanted, he said, “We will speak in another ‘language.’”

I told him, “I have lived through the Holocaust. I am not afraid of ones such as you. You should know that I put my trust in the Lord. I am not afraid of extortion. If you want it, I will also sign a document saying I believe in the Lord. And how do I believe? According to the Holy Bible. So now you may give my story to any newspapers you want. Do it! It will be a big blessing for people to learn about the Lord.”

He had come to me with such confidence that he could make me fall on my knees before him in fear. Now he did not know what to do. After thinking a long time, he said, “You know, I will not ask you to pay much money.”

I replied, “I will not pay even one piaster. And, if you want to know about faith in the Lord, I will be happy to give you even more information so that you can write a very long story.”

When he realized he would not prevail, he left and began speaking to many ultra-Orthodox people to encourage them to make trouble for me. But that did not work either because most of the ultra-Orthodox know me. The Lord has blessed me with the ability to make house repairs, so they call me to their homes when they need help; and I help them for free.

So they came to me as friends. And what did they want to speak about?About faith in the Lord! They were surprised I told the man I believed in the Lord according to the Bible. “Where is this written?” one asked. They were extremely interested in having me speak with them.

For years I have wanted these people to come to me sincerely seeking information about faith in the Lord. What I could not do myself, the Lord did through this man who tried to make trouble for me.

So I told my ultra-Orthodox friends that I do not read commentaries on the Bible. I read the Bible. I do not trust in what is written in rabbinical books. I trust what is written in the Bible by the Holy Spirit of God. I showed them my Bible, and we had a wonderful talk.

At the end, one said, “It was very interesting speaking with you. We will come again and have a long conversation.”

“You are welcome,” I said. So I thank God for sending a man who tried to harm me. God turned his evil into a blessing. I am waiting to see how many more people will come to my home seeking information about the Lord because of him.

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