Elwood McQuaid

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2008

At least 30 serious instances of persecution of Christian believers have occurred over a one-month period, reports Compass Direct News. Attacks, arrests, incarcerations, rapes, treason charges, destruction of church properties, blasphemy charges…

Map of the Middle East.

Israelis Prepare for the Worst

On April 1, sirens across the entire State of Israel sounded for a full 90 seconds, warning all citizens to head immediately for the shelters. This exercise was no April Fools’ Day trick.

God Bless America

Eckhart Tolle, Jeremiah Wright, Jimmy Carter. Believe it or not, they all have something in common. And if you love the Lord, love your country, and love Israel, you won’t be too happy about it.

They Cry in Silence Jul/Aug 2008

Ami Ortiz, 15-year-old son of Israeli Pastor David Ortiz, arrived home in March to find an impeccably wrapped package on his front porch. Since it was the season of Purim…

The Friends of Israel Turns 70

It’s difficult to believe that FOI has been around for 70 years. Well, maybe not so difficult when you learn how we began and what has undergirded our ministry to this day.

They Cry in Silence May/Jun 2008

When the Archbishop of Canterbury recently suggested the inevitability of instituting some aspects of Muslim Sharia law in Britain, he caused a justifiable furor. His comments also raised hackles in Canada…

Inextinguishable Israel

In a world stricken by the compulsion to forget and plagued with perpetually erratic behavior, it is not surprising that some people no longer see Israel as a little David struggling for survival…

Extraordinary People

Sometimes special people cross our paths, showing us the best of what Christianity is all about. Let us introduce you to a few of these saints who have made a difference in life on this earth.

They Cry in Silence Mar/Apr 2008

Media producers and conservative Christians have long argued about whether film and television fare can so affect people, especially youth, that it influences their actions. Secularists in the celluloid industry have loudly…

Map of the Middle East.

Eye on the Middle East Jan/Feb 2008

A man identifying himself as a “missionary in Jerusalem” wrote a scathing response to an op-ed piece I wrote recently for The Jerusalem Post. The writer castigated me for my apparent lack of love…

While We Were Sleeping

Unbelievers will go to the mat to prevent dog fighting, but believers won’t do the same to prevent worldwide persecution of their brethren in Christ. Read what is happening while we sleep.

Map of the Middle East.

Eye on the Middle East Nov/Dec 2007

A recent report out of the Middle East could provide a formula for how not to run a war. Following the cease-fire that interrupted the battle between Hezbollah and Israeli forces in Lebanon…

A Christian View from the Temple Mount

Muslims now claim the Western Wall was a hitching post for Muhammad’s horse! Their claims are preposterous, but they will stop at nothing to rewrite history. And they have two main reasons for doing so.

They Cry in Silence Nov/Dec 2007

Jim Jacobson, president of Christian Freedom International (CFI), said recently, “Christians in this nation don’t realize how fortunate they are to live in the U.S.” In a CFI press release, Jacobson said American…

Map of the Middle East.

Kissing Freedom Goodbye

For years realists on Middle East affairs said a Palestinian state would become a platform for radical Islamist terror and that the most dangerous merchants of death would populate the ministate…

Pursuing the Finish-It Principle

While the West founders in a sea of inconclusiveness, radical Islam pushes aggressively toward its goal. We have an option. Dare we take it?

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2007

Sacred to the Hindus of India are monkeys, cobras, cows, and other animal and plant species. Unfortunately, the same respect, to say nothing of reverence, is not extended to Christians. Hindu extremists…

Map of the Middle East.

Eye on the Middle East Jul/Aug 2007

A tired old motto makes its appearance in every political campaign. It goes something like this: “Politics: the art of the possible.” However, in many cases the reality is more…

Then They Came for Me

When an American public school feels comfortable staging a hostage drill that makes Christians the terrorists, can something more sinister be far behind?

They Cry in Silence July/Aug 2007

Freedom of speech is not a right for Christians in many parts of the Muslim world. Compass News Direct has reported a gruesome example of the price Christians in a host…

Happy 40th Birthday, Jerusalem

Forty years ago in June, Israel recaptured its city of cities in a six-day war that stunned the world. But things haven’t turned out as anticipated.

Beyond the Veil to the Future

The definitive New Testament chapter on the identification of Israel and the prophetic destiny and relationship of Christians to the Jewish people is chapter 11 of the book of Romans. God spelled…

Map of the Middle East.

Eye on the Middle East Mar/Apr 2007

Speaking in December 2006 at a Holocaust memorial ceremony in Berlin, Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said: We have learned and memorialized the lesson: the weak and defenseless are doomed. Doomed…

They Cry in Silence Mar/Apr 2007

A 24-year-old man known only as Hasanuddin has admitted planning the savage, October 2005 beheadings of three Christian girls in Poso, Indonesia, as a “gift” to Muslims in celebration…

They Cry in Silence Jan/Feb 2007

Before the November elections in the United States, politicians burned the roads and airwaves trying to convince voters they had the solution to the dilemma Saddam Hussein and his henchmen…

Every Page Looks the Same

October’s enormous military parade and cheering crowds in North Korea looked eerily familiar. A different time, a different place; but not much else has changed.

They Cry in Silence Nov/Dec 2006

Some of you will remember the terrible atrocity we wrote about last year when radical Islamists in Indonesia beheaded three Christian schoolgirls on their way to class-es. Although the tragedy did not touch…

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2006

Two years ago, attending high school in Zaria city, Kaduna, Nigeria, went from tension to tragedy when Muslims attacked their Christian classmates. This was not a scuffle. The assault was brutal, and its effects…

The Christian Thing to Do

Today’s Christian Zionists love the Jewish people as Corrie ten Boom once did. And the World Council of Churches does not speak for us!

Schoolyard Fights and the Status Quo

When a young student, I sometimes stood in the circle of after-school observers as disputes between aggrieved adversaries were settled with flaying fisticuffs. In most cases, there was little or no real damage…

They Cry in Silence Jul/Aug 2006

Thousands of people rallied in Washington on April 30, hoping to pierce the conscience of America concerning the slaughter that continues in the Sudan. The focus of the demonstration was to protest…

Jihad, American Style

A crusade is under way to rid America of Christianity. If this statement seems harsh to you, you may change your mind after reading this article.

They Cry in Silence May/Jun 2006

The accusation is often leveled that The Friends of Israel is anti-Palestinian and, therefore, without sympathy for Palestinian Christians. This is in no sense the case. These accusations usually come…

Bulldozing Caterpillar

The Church of England’s vote to divest from companies doing business in Israel is causing a stir, even among Anglicans. But it has made a few things crystal clear.

Islamic Imperialism in the Real World

Many people snicker and jeer at the idea of a “seventh-century caliphate.” But the Muslims aren’t snickering. And their push to power could change your world.

They Cry in Silence Mar/Apr 2006

In October 2001 we reported on a terrible massacre of Christians in Pakistan. It was Sunday morning, and a congregation of some 100 believers was meeting for worship. Suddenly four radical…

They Cry in Silence Jan/Feb 2006

On the first day of September, all schools in the Russian Federation celebrate a holiday that has come to be known as the Day of Knowledge. Children attend dressed in their best…

Never Miss an Opportunity

Was Gaza enough? Not on your life. Now Abbas is beating the drum for a move on Jerusalem, while archaeologists uncover something wonderful.

What Kind of America Do You Want?

An important issue went before the Supreme Court recently. America is head- ing where it’s never been before. And you may be the decisive factor.

The Flip Side of Disengagement

Israelis are being expelled from the land they worked so hard to cultivate. Will this bring peace to the region? You be the judge.

They Cry in Silence Jul/Aug 2005

In 1936, Kazakhstan, a state just south of Russia, was incorporated into the Soviet Union. With the Soviet breakup in 1991, Kazakhstan became an independent nation, which allowed for a religious renewal and the freedom…

They Cry in Silence May/Jun 2005

And we labor, working with our own hands. Being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we endure (1 Cor. 4:12). In a strikingly significant way, this verse expresses what Indonesian Christians practiced in the aftermath…

Playing the Blame Game

In today’s upside-down world, right looks wrong, wrong looks right, and the good guys are getting the short end of the stick. If you don’t believe that, read this.

They Cry in Silence Mar/Apr 2005

For most people, coming home to family, friends, and loved ones is a cherished privilege. In the West, where physical persecution for our faith is virtually unknown, it is something we take for granted.

Expecting a Call at Any Moment

Are you looking for the undertaker or the “uppertaker”? Theological complexities certainly do exist. But the vast majority of the Bible is unmistakably simple.

Closing the Book On Arafat

At long last the book has been closed on the life and times of notorious terrorist king-pin Yasser Arafat. In the years ahead historians will mull over the impact and legacy of the life…

‘Sometimes it Gets Scary’

Haiti has been an independent nation since 1804. In the West, only the United states is older. The tragedy of Haiti is that it has been ruled and ruined by unscrupulous dictators, the worst…

Presbyterians Come Out of the Closet

Yes, it is true that the Presbyterian Church (USA) manhandled Israel at its 216th General Assembly last summer. Not that the denomination has been soft on…

They Cry in Silence Nov/Dec 2004

We often report in this space statistics related to Christian persecution. We’ve publicized the horror of the genocide being committed by Muslim radicals…

No More Villages to Burn

Christians are being killed in record numbers. If you think Muslims want to dominate the Middle East only, you are dangerously mistaken.

The Ten ‘Lost’ Tribes Weren’t Lost

The phrase the lost tribes of Israel emits a certain ring of mystery that romanticizes the disappearance of the Israelites taken captive by Assyria in 722 B.C. Although the phrase is nowhere in Scripture…

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2004

That stand has led to extreme persecution in Communist Laos. Since 1975, Laos has been under the control of the Communist Pathet Lao. As is the norm for Communist-controlled countries, there is a one-party…

Children in the Fire

In ancient days the heathens sacrificed their children to the pagan god Molech. Thousands of years later, it’s surprising how little has changed.

They Cry in Silence Jul/Aug 2004

Warren and his wife, Donna, were missionaries with the Africa Inland Mission (AIM). They were on loan from AIM to Here Is Life, a Ugandan Christian ministry that runs the Esther Evangelical School of Technology…

Goose-Stepping Americans?

An influx of Muslim immigrants is changing the face of Europe. Suddenly, Americans are being called the new Nazis; and Bush, the new Hitler.

They Cry in Silence May/Jun 2004

Each Sunday, millions of Western Christians go to worship with Bibles in hand, usually one for every member of the family. Such a public display of God’s Word is an inherent right we seldom think…

They Cry In Silence Mar/Apr 2004

These startling figures reported by senior reporter George Thomas of CBN News reveal the very real problems confronting the Christians of postwar Iraq. A Christian leader surveying the situation in his country declared…

The Tyranny of Minority Rule

What’s wrong with calling America a “Judeo-Christian” nation? “Everything,” say some people whose voices grow stronger every day.

An Evangelical View of the Jewish People

The subject was about anti-Semitism in the United States and what, as a Jewish businessman and state senator, the gentleman being interviewed had encountered personally. He spoke about exclusions from local clubs and a number…

They Cry in Silence Jan/Feb 2004

A pastor from an evangelical church was ordered to appear before local security police on August 20, 2003. Upon his arrival, he was forced to stand “like Christ was hung on the cross,” with arms…

The More Things Change…

For thousands of years the world has produced people eager to destroy the nation of Israel. But the conflict is far greater than it appears.

They Cry in Silence Nov/Dec 2003

In mid-July a Muslim convert to Christianity left his home and headed for a mountainous region of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank. He took with him Christian materials, including audio cassettes, videos…

Hope for the Hopeless in Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country, rich in tradition and extremely hospitable to guests from foreign lands. But the Argentina so many knew and loved to visit in years past shows a different face these days…

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2003

Christians in Nigeria, Africa, breathed a deep sigh of relief when the vote tallies from the April presidential elections were announced. A large majority of Nigerians reelected President Olusegun Obasanjo, a born-again Christian, over his Muslim…

Serving the Double Standard

An issue is festering in the road map process that cannot be overlooked and certainly should not be honored. It is the insistence of the Palestinians and their Arab mentors that millions of “refugees” be…

Never Forget

From Masada to YadVashem to Arlington National Cemetery is a long road indeed. But how much has really changed? Less than you would think.

They Cry in Silence Jul/Aug 2003

They call them “chop squares,” execution sites usually outside mosques where the condemned meet their deaths at the hands of a sword-wielding executioner. For people found guilty of any of the following— murder, rape, armed…

They Cry in Silence May/Jun 2003

In his book, Their Blood Cries Out, author Paul Marshall shared this observation: Years ago, I drove up Bathhurst Street on my way to work in Toronto. I would pass synagogues of varying strictness, but each…

They Cry in Silence Mar/Apr 2003

Everything seemed normal for Christian and Missionary Alliance worker Bonnie Witherall as she approached the prenatal clinic in Sidon, Lebanon, last November 21. Bonnie and her husband, Gary, had served in Lebanon for three…

Israel: Still a Miracle

The world thought it impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible. And if you don’t believe that fact, you don’t know the history of little Israel.

Orphans in the Global Village

A new ecumenicity is overtaking America. Its byword is unity. And if you
refuse to buy into it, you may find you don’t like the consequences.

They Cry in Silence Nov/Dec 2002

On a day in late July, students, faculty, and employees were taking a leisurely lunch inside the popular Frank Sinatra Cafeteria on the campus of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Without warning, a thunderous explosion…

Peace in Two Sentences

Why is it so difficult to find the formula for peace in the Middle East? What’s the problem, anyway? The problem and solution are two simple sentences.

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2002

When people think of Colombia, South America, they usually think of drug trafficking and the scourge of addiction it produces. The murder of public officials there is commonplace as the war to curtail the drug

Rachel Is Still Weeping

They stormed the Church of the Nativity and held nuns and priests hostage. Are these peacemakers? What is the truth behind the Muslim-Christian alliance?

They Cry in Silence Jul/Aug 2002

On April 26, 2002, the government of Vietnam hosted a cultural festival in Bac Ha (in Lao Cai province) to demonstrate “religious freedom” to religious leaders from around the world who appeared on the guest…

Recycling Adolph Hitler

The Egyptian press is resurrecting old propaganda to slander the Jews—but with a new twist: It is comparing President Bush and America to Nazis.

They Cry in Silence May/Jun 2002

Although Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was Jewish, not Christian, in many ways his execution parallels that of Christian believers in other parts of the world. Not only was it strikingly similar in manner…

Antique fountain pen on parchment.

Israel My Glory Anniversary Issue

This 60th anniversary issue of Israel My Glory is not presented as a nostalgic journey into the past. In considering how to mark the occasion appropriately…

A Clash of Civilizations

After decades of trying to build a better world, we are back where we started: fighting a man and an ideology that seek to destroy us.

Like a Cat on the Wall

Editor’s Note: For almost 35 years, Israel My Glory readers have eagerly turned to our reports by Zvi, a Jewish believer who has lived in Jerusalem since the end of World War II. He arrived…

Little Action on the Third Front

Freedom, democracy, personal rights, national liberties. Radical Islam is out to destroy them all. And Christianity ranks just as high on the Islamic hit list.

They Cry in Silence Jan/Feb 2002

Saturday, October 14, was another very bad day for Christians in Nigeria, West Africa. According to a CNN report, Muslim terrorists used the cover of anti-American riots, held in protest of the bombing of Osama…

Who Weeps for Hagar’s Children?

Two children, two promises. The road has not been easy for Isaac’s seed, but neither has it been a bed of roses for the descendants of Ishmael.

They Cry in Silence Nov/Dec 2001

Until the Al-Aqsa Intifada erupted in Israel a year ago, the Arab-Christian village of Beit Jalla, just outside Bethlehem, was a quiet place overlooking Jerusalem’s Jewish suburb of Gilo.

When Silence Says It All

The pope’s recent visit to Syria spoke volumes. But the loudest message appears to have been what he wasn’t allowed to say.

They Cry in Silence Sep/Oct 2001

Indonesia is a nation splashed across thousands of miles of the Indian Ocean and Java Sea in Southeast Asia. The nation is comprised of a mind-boggling 13,660 islands and ranks as the world’s fourth largest…

Downsizing the State of Israel

Going, going, gone? Learn why what’s being done to Israel today contradicts everything earlier Christian Zionists believed.

They Cry in Silence Jul/Aug 2001

The supreme leader of Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban movement warned on Monday that any Afghan converting to Christianity or promoting other religions will be executed. . . . Therefore, all countrymen are seriously notified that any…

Living in a World Turning Upside Down

Wrong is right; good is evil; and Christianity is the world’s new nemesis. That’s what the new paganism preaches—and it’s turning the world upside down.

They Cry in Silence May/Jun 2001

Their remains were found in the shallows of the Curaray River in the jungles of Ecuador. Crudely crafted lances protruded from the bodies of the men. A few days earlier, five young Christian missionaries…