Elwood McQuaid

History by The Wishing Well

The ugly tentacles of revisionism are spreading over the Temple Mount. And if Arafat has his way, they eventually will reach all the way to Christ Himself.

Ascending Mars’ Hill

As bizzare as it may sound, some
people propose turning the Temple Mount over to God! But whose God will it be?

Losing the Vision?

We have entered the “post-Zionist” era. Yet God says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” What does this all mean for little Israel?

Turning Back the Clock

For thirty years, Israeli farmers in north- ern Israel have lived in relative safety. Now those days may have ended.

Struttin’ on Through The Fire

Like pieces of an intricate puzzle, Daniel’s ancient prophecies are falling into place. The “fire” is coming—and so is the King.

The True Message of the Millennium

The topic was the coming millennium and what we can expect to see develop in the future. Panelists on the television show were secular, running in persuasion from moderately conservative to rather radically liberal. A nattily dressed man, representing the views…

Taking Stock

“My father spent his adult life as a prince one day and a pauper the next.” So said a friend speaking of his father who was addicted to playing the stock market. Winning big and losing bigger brought the man to an unenviable situation…

The Many States of Palestine

An early Zionist leader was fond of speaking of the land that was to become Israel as “a land without a people for a people without a land.” Although his observation was, in large measure, accurate, it was not quite the whole of…

Getting Our Attention: Is It Too Late?

There is a threadbare story that I tired of hearing years ago. It had too much of the smell of musty homespun about it to appeal to me and many of my generation, but it made a point. The story had to do with a crusty farmer and his mule.

Perceptions…Old Shadows Fade Slowly

A few weeks ago I had lunch with an Israeli diplomat, a man for whom I hold great respect, in Washington, DC. We discussed, among a host of other things, the inescapable tensions that often arise between the Christian and Jewish…

How Israelis Feels About Jewish Believers

There has been much talk over the last few years about the state of religious freedom in Israel. Some have accused the government and Israelis in general of being hostile toward those who believe in Jesus as their Messiah. This perception is…

Interview With David Bar–Illan

In view of the turmoil now being experienced in the Middle East, we have decided to replace Israel In The News with an interview Elwood McQuaid conducted with Mr. David Bar-Illan on November 18, 1998. He is the Policy and…

The Shrinking State Of Israel

The Jewish people had traveled a tortuous road for the better part of two millennia before Baron Lord Rothschild received, on behalf of the Jewish people, the official letter sanctioning a national home for Jewish people in Palestine. For 400 years…

The Trail of Blood

Hidden somewhere deep in the recesses of our memories is the record of those who, in biblical times or since, have forfeited their lives for their faith in Christ. This generation, saturated by its affluence, has forgotten the price our forefathers paid…

Israel’s Right to Peace And Security

It is increasingly clear that the major roadblock to peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not Israel’s alleged refusal to make concessions to Arab demands. In fact, the more land Israel concedes, the more strident the Palestinian…

The Peril of Pressuring Israel

Flying in the face of the contention that Israel must make unilateral concessions to Arab demands to relinquish land and make sweeping withdrawals from the territories are realities that, if not reckoned with decisively today, will certainly come back in…

The Prophetic Alignment

Squeezing Israel to make concessions to belligerent Gentile nations, whether they happen to be Arabs or others, falls into precise alignment with what is laid out in the prophetic Scriptures. The last days will be tumultuous times for the Jewish people…

Saddam Hussein: Back to Square One

I was speaking to an Israeli official shortly after the Gulf War. “We are,” he said, “deeply appreciative for all that America did during the war with Iraq. Israel is grateful. But if I could, with all due respect, I’d like to offer an opinion: I’m afraid that perhaps the…

The Promise of His Coming 2 Peter 3

Ignoring warnings can result in catastrophic consequences. The Apostle Peter, in every way possible, attempted to prepare believers for the tumultuous last days and the onslaught of deception and error that Satan will launch before his final plunge…

My Brother’s Keeper?

On September 26, 1997, Russian President Boris Yeltsin brought the curtain back down. With a single sweep of his pen, he consorted with the darkest elements in Russian society to snuff the lamp of religious freedom that had flickered tenuously since the…

Silhouette of man speaking.

Treblinka: The Rails Ran Only One Way

A few weeks ago I went into the deep woods in Poland with a friend. For him, it was a return trip, one that members of his family had almost certainly taken some fifty years…

Israel’s 1948 War Of Independence

In a few months, the State of Israel will commemorate fifty years of modern statehood. No nation in the history of mankind has been born out of such enormous suffering.

Bombs in the Marketplace: “How Long, Oh Lord?”

On July 30, two young Arab men embarked on a suicide mission with the intent to kill and maim more innocent Israelis. Their target was Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market, an open-air shopping strip jammed tightly…

The Anti-Missionary Bill: Giving Israel A Bad Name

The State of Israel…will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens without distinction of race, creed or sex; will guarantee full freedom of conscience, worship, education and culture…

Seeing the Big Picture

The question is raised frequently these days regarding the wisdom of Israel’s current prime minister in signing onto the Oslo Accords and the land-for-peace formula.

No Greater Love

“For he was cut off out of the land of the living; for the transgression of my people was he stricken” (Isa. 53:8).

Map of the Middle East.

Prophecy And Politics

Throughout the negotiations carried on by both the Rabin and Netanyahu governments in Israel with their Arab neighbors, a persistent question has been raised by many Christians.

Voices From The Slave Market

“I have heard their groans and sighs, and seen their tears, and I would give every drop of blood in my veins to free them.”

Three Appearings of the Messiah

The recently divulged discovery of life on Mars captivated the attention of much of the world. With the first announcement, there was a rush of anticipation fueled by visions of little green men careening…

Don’t Forget To Give Thanks

We seem to be hearing “Thank you” less often these days, and it’s not a good sign. Some grumpy people go so far as to complain about store clerks who cheerily urge…

The Last Word

America has once again witnessed the stomach-wrenching emotion of flag-draped coffins being carried from large Air Force cargo planes. Grieving widows and their children are told by grim-faced leaders that their loved ones did not…

Herzl’s Dream

Theodor Herzl had a dream. It was a dream born of the desire of the Jewish people to have a homeland in Eretz Israel under the recognition of international law.

Will There Be Room in the Inn?

Two thousand years ago a young Jewish woman and her husband came to the town of Bethlehem, in Jewish Judea, to be registered for taxation. Their permanent residence was Nazareth.

There Is Hope!

In case you haven’t noticed, there seems to be a great many things to be depressed about these days. The assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin sent the nation into a state of national…

Joseph: God’s Man for a Starving World

The life of Joseph presents some very important lessons for all who care to read the chapters in Genesis devoted to him. But there is one overriding factor in the story that should overwhelm…

The God Makers

Titillating words, these. Mankind, in the infancy of its innocence, was led to believe that being liberated from obedience to the Creator could be equated with becoming God-like. The delusion was but an extension…

The Peace Process

From a distance, which is where I sit, things don’t look promising for Israel. Frankly, I, along with hosts of Christians who are deeply committed to promoting Israel’s best interests…

A Likely Scenario

Dr. Showers’ article confirms the identification of a number of military contingents who will join Russia in the invasion of Israel described in Ezekiel 33 and 39.

Capernaum: A Town That Lost the Light

Capernaum was a picturesque town located on the northwestern shore of Galilee where the Jordan enters the lake. The city lay on a gentle slope rising from one of the numerous shallow coves that lend…

Holocaust: A Christian Atrocity?

And so I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord (Adolf Hitler, August 13, 1920).

Surviving the Holocaust

Ten-year-old Henryk stood in the window looking out for a long time. In the courtyard below he could see small children playing games. The gate through which his mother had left the orphanage seemed disproportionately…

The Scent of a Lie

Perverted theology is not a new fad. The wonder is that we seem to be surprised each time some emerging religious “star” professes to be anointed with a new revelation regarding heretofore obscure…

Pillorying the Religious Right

The current wave of vilification flowing over those designated as members of the “religious right” carries ominous undercurrents. Elements from the highest levels of authority in America have declared segments of the evangelical Christian communit…

Jerusalem: Occupied Territory?

“We want a piece of the action!” This seems to be the prevailing attitude when the international community talks about Jerusalem. Until the Jewish people began to wind their way back toward the Holy City…

Handshakes and High Hopes

It was a photograph far more captivating than the proverbial “a picture is worth a thousand words” theme. The Royal Jordanian jet with King Hussein on board was flying in lazy circles at low altitude…

From Babylon To Bethlehem

Lord Byron, in “The Destruction of Sennacherib,” caught in vivid poetic form not only the essence of a battle long gone, but the final convulsions of the “times of the Gentiles.” Thus, human observation confirms…

Why Do We Need Heroes?

True heroes are in short supply these days. Loyalty to causes larger than one’s own personal interests seems to be out of favor with the “me” generation.

The Great Tribulation: Matthew 24:9–26

Torrents of tribulation have been part and parcel of the human experience since Adam decided to take a bite out of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Until this day, with increasing frequency…


Fanatics always turn out to be their own worst enemies. The tragedy is that in the process they often do irreparable damage to their own cause and to those people they are ostensibly…

The Faithful Remnant

Among the material possessions Maxine and I hold dear is an old oak dining room table. It was the object of a rescue effort launched years ago when we discovered the table…

Jesus Is Better Than the Prophets

Something within human beings compels them to look for something new—a better way, better quality, better fashion. “Build a better mousetrap,” youngsters of another generation were told…

These Bones Shall Live

As you will discover, this edition of Israel My Glory is dedicated to Israel and issues related to the Jewish people and their land. Recent hostilities between Israelis and Hezbollah terrorists operating from Lebanon point…

We Will Hope

In what may be called a conservative expression of what has taken place between the Israelis and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a “historic breakthrough” was announced on August 31, 1993.

Level Heads, Warm Hearts

A considerable amount of heat has been generated in the Christian community by the refusal of—Israel’s high court to overturn a lower court ruling that refused citizenship under the Law of Return to three Jewish…

Terror in the Streets

The bombing of the World Trade Center in New York did more than shake the skyline of the teeming metropolis. Americans were rudely awakened to the fact that terrorism is not a phenomenon…

Then There Are Christians

It wasn’t too many years ago that we were hearing a great deal about the inherent goodness of man. Scorning the biblically mandated necessity of redemption, liberal religionists promoted the “divine spark” theory.

Rome Revisited

The days of the judges were a time of almost unbroken national depression for Israel. All of the indicators for survival and success of the nation were pointing downward.

Babylon: Mother of Harlots

The world is careening toward a new order that does not bode well for the inhabitants of this planet. Quarrelsome nations are attempting to stem the tide of deterioration by creating a patchwork of alliances…

Paul’s Beloved Enemies

The question flows through the minds of those who have pursued the compelling story of God’s ancient people across the pages of the Word of God and down the dusty roads of history.

Reunified Jerusalem: Twenty-Five Years and Counting

It has been 25 years since those battle-begrimed young paratroopers stood looking up at the Western Wall, the last artifact of the Herodian Temple. Their faces graphically mirrored the awe engendered in the heart…

Moving On

Passing a milestone is often a noteworthy experience—it can be downright exhilarating. When the children of Israel crossed the Jordan on the way back to their homeland, they lived out one of the great highs…

In Search of Hearing Ears

No portion of the Word of God speaks to contemporary churches with more clarity than the messages Jesus Christ gave to the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3. Comfort, advice, exhortation, warning and threatening…

The Comfort Of His Coming 1 Thessalonians 1

Comfort is the operative word Paul gave to the suffering saints at Thessalonica. As was often true for first-century Christians, this church was born in affliction and immediately immersed in the caldron of persecution.

A Trumpet in Zion

Israel’s great fall feasts were celebrations that witnessed a pendulum swing of national emotions sweeping from trepidation to exhilaration. These spectacular festivals, around which all national life revolved, were seasons of intense personal interaction…

Hallelujah Revelation 19:1–6

Revelation 19–21 moves history into its glorious Hallelujah phase. In the first six verses of chapter 19, four resounding Hallelujahs (praise the Lord) are raised—the only place in the New Testament where this word…

Israel: Changing Faces

The face of our world is changing at an incredible rate. Armies moved through the Middle East packing a military punch never before witnessed on the face of the planet.

No Middle Wall

With His talk of crucifixion at Jerusalem, Jesus’ disciples were struck dumb with consternation. Their anticipation and preparation had been geared for the coming Kingdom—a literal, one-thousand-year era during which the Messiah/King Himself would take…

“O Come, O Come, Immanuel”

Whether he understood the proper context of his words or not, the 12th-century hymn writer captured the mood of a remnant of Jewry who were longing for the appearance of the Christ.

Muhammad Versus the Messiah

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s recent exercise in aggression against “brother” nation Kuwait shook a largely passive global population with the facts of the perilous realities of life in the Middle East.

Communism’s One Good Thing

There’s something compelling about seeing those big wrecking balls swinging from cranes, bashing the walls of obsolete buildings into of rubbish. Even more fascinating is the countdown for the triggering of explosives set against supporting…

Temple Fervor

Interest in rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem rose to a fever pitch last October when a group calling themselves the “Temple Mount Faithful” attempted to lay a cornerstone for the “Third Temple” at the Western…

The First Priority

The Apostle Paul put it this way: “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved” (Rom. 10:1). Jesus said it even more concisely: “For the Son…

The Decade of Destiny

Once every ten years a new decade rolls around. Each seems to have a way of developing distinguishing features that mark it for history. The 60s were a decade of pot, left-wing politics, and promiscuity—liberation…

The Light Shines Brighter Still

Most people in the world don’t know much about Hanukkah—they should. All most of us see in it are those quaint eight-branched candelabra which adorn the outside of synagogues or are seen in public displays…

Intifada: A Special Report

Intifada—the word carries the ring of a ricocheting bullet. It translates to English as uprising, the symbol of Arab rebellion against Israeli rule. To Ishmael’s children, it is a dream word, a word pregnant with visions of an Arab mini-state.

Confronting the Future

Missionaries will tell you that the people who take the best photographs of their fields of service are often first-time visitors. They see things which are of riveting interest to people not close to the ministries or landscape.

A Debt to Pay

Question 20 people on the street about why America has risen to become a land of such power and plenty, and you are likely to hear 20 different answers.

…your loins girded… with TRUTH

The old campaigner was hard-bitten, crafty and arrogant. His question was a cynical response to Jesus of Nazareth’s straightforward answer to a query: “Art thou the King of the Jews?” (Jn. 18:33).

“Show us a sign…”

The persistent cry of the leadership of Israel in response to Jesus’ message was for a sign which would confirm His claim of messiahship. Their demand was consistent with the prevailing view that Israel’s promised…

The Last Blasphemer

The world is searching for a leader. After centuries of confidently striding toward a day when humanity could deliver all of the systems necessary for a Utopia, man is crying for help.

And They Shall Know!

“My greatest personal concern is what the Russians are doing under the table about all of this.” These words were spoken to me by a well-known Israeli government official shortly after Anwar Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem.


Proselytism. Now there is a word that will quickly overheat the emotional systems of multitudes of Jewish people. It was the culprit instrumental in putting the much misunderstood “Anti-Missionary Law” on the books in Israel.

World Crisis and The Church

Heads swung quickly about as searching eyes swept the room. Noises rising from narrow streets crowded with religious pilgrims were suddenly inaudible before the rushing sound of a celestial wind that invaded the upper chamber.