Human Interest

A Prescription for Terror

Anti-Semitism is rising like a dark tide across the face of our planet. Over the past seven months there has been a dramatic upswing in anti-Semitic activity.

Communism’s One Good Thing

There’s something compelling about seeing those big wrecking balls swinging from cranes, bashing the walls of obsolete buildings into of rubbish. Even more fascinating is the countdown for the triggering of explosives set against supporting…

Return to Romania

Dr. Ben Abraham, The Friends of Israel’s Eastern European worker, was born in Romania. Memories of his early years are filled with images of persecution and suffering for believers in the Messiah.

Live and Let Die

A visit to Yad Vashem, Jewry’s memorial to the Holocaust, is a haunting experience. Yes, “experience” is the correct word, because Yad Vashem is something more felt than seen.

The Ninth Annual National Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel

Sponsored annually by the Religious Roundtable, in conjunction with the meeting of the National Religious Broadcasters in Washington, D.C., the breakfast brings together over a thousand leaders of the Christian community who come to express…

Scalp-Hunting Christians Apr/May 1990

The Jewess was livid with anger. She had been approached by a man on the street in Jerusalem who had offered her a tract and tried to strike up a conversation about Jesus…

The Decade of Destiny

Once every ten years a new decade rolls around. Each seems to have a way of developing distinguishing features that mark it for history. The 60s were a decade of pot, left-wing politics, and promiscuity—liberation…

Editorial Feb/Mar 1990

The hour speaks eloquently for itself: Time is running out. Our fragile planet, with its recurrent environmental crises and diminishing ability to supply the demands of a soaring population, is reeling toward a time…