Life After Death

A few years ago, I read an account in the newspaper of a lady who was celebrating her one hundredth birthday. From her picture and the interview, she seemed to be a nice person.

Zvi Feb/Mar 1996

I was recently waiting at the bus stop to go into town, and a very old man was standing in line with me. When the bus came along…

Zvi Dec/Jan 1995/1996

In these days, we are seeing more and more Jews coming home to Israel, and there is much talk of the Jewish people being united in their land again. But, in this country…

Messianic Trends in Israel

In his essay, “The Messianic Idea in Israel,” the renowned scholar, Gershom Scholem, contrasted the Jewish and Christian concepts of the Messianic redemption. While Christianity conceives of redemption as an event in the spiritual…

The Scroll With Seven Seals Revelation 5:1–4

In Revelation 4, John presented a description of what he saw and heard in his heavenly vision. He saw God the Father seated on His throne and heard the host of heaven offering Him continual…

Zvi Oct/Nov 1995

Often I go out among people in public places. You can usually tell a little something about them by looking at their faces, but only the people themselves know what is in their hearts and minds.

Zvi Aug/Sep 1995

In these times of great uncertainty in Israel, the leaders of the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) rabbis have taken it upon themselves to compose a new prayer—a nice poem that will comfort the people.

Jesus’ Ministry on the Sea of Galilee

When the darkness of night falls, it creeps around the world from east to west. In the same manner, the first beams of morning sunlight sweep around the world from east to west.

Zvi Jun/Jul 1995

Many new immigrants from Russia live in my neighborhood. Most of them know me because I have made repairs in their homes, which gives me opportunities to speak with them about many things…

Zvi Feb/Mar 1995

I often go to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and invariably I meet people who think that just by going there they will be saved, because the Halacha (the body of Jewish law supplementing…

Salvation in the Old Testament

Our feature articles for this issue of Israel My Glory examine salvation in the Old Testament. Indeed, the basis upon which God justifies sinners has, since the fall of Adam…

“Of Whom Speaketh the Prophet This?”

In August of each year, the synagogue Scripture reading from the prophets is taken from the Book of Isaiah. Around the third Sabbath in August, the reading ends at Isaiah 52:12…

Zvi Dec/Jan 1994/1995

While waiting at a bus station recently, I met some people who were more traditional than religious in their beliefs. Because they have known me for some time, they immediately began to attack me.

Digging Up Israel

The ground in front of the beautiful Golden Gate was still soft from the recent heavy rains. An archaeology student confidently stepped back from the gate to capture its entire view in his camera…

Zvi Oct/Nov 1994

In Jeremiah 13:16 it is written, “Give glory to the Lᴏʀᴅ, your God, before he cause darkness.” This is so true. Many people go into the sea but want to come out dry…

Silhouette of man speaking.

Come September

One of my treasured childhood memories is of trips taken to the farm home of my grandparents in upper Michigan. Old barns smelling of leather harnesses and farm animals are a great source of fascination…

From Babylon To Bethlehem

Lord Byron, in “The Destruction of Sennacherib,” caught in vivid poetic form not only the essence of a battle long gone, but the final convulsions of the “times of the Gentiles.” Thus, human observation confirms…

Zvi Aug/Sep 1994

I recently was in Eilat, in the south of Israel, visiting my daughter and her family. Because it is located on the Dead Sea, Eilat is a popular resort area, and many people from Europe…

Zvi Jun/Jul 1994

My wife and I recently visited her mother in the hospital. Now past 90 years old, she is like most of the other people in that particular hospital.

Zvi Apr/May 1994

I often go to Mea Shearim, the ultra-Orthodox section of Jerusalem, because I know how deeply into sin these people have fallen, and the Word of God has charged me to warn them to come to God before it is too late.

Zvi Feb/Mar 1994

It goes without saying that, as is true in America and many other countries, many people here in Israel are far away from God. In spite of this, there seems to be something inside…

Jesus Is Better Than Moses

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read your newspaper at night without the convenience of a light bulb? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Yet this luxury is only 100 years old.

Jesus Is Better Than Melchizedek

“Now consider how great this man was … ” Such was the high opinion of the inspired penman regarding Melchizedek in Hebrews 7:4. The greatness of this unique individual is matched only by the mystery…

Zvi Dec/Jan 1993/1994

My watch stopped running recently and had to be repaired. I took it to a watchmaker in the Ultra-Orthodox section of Jerusalem because they are very good at this trade.

Beware of a False Alarm

Suddenly the alarm sounded! Judging from the teachers’ faces, this was no drill. All of the students filed out quickly and quietly, looking around for signs of trouble.

Zvi Oct/Nov 1993

Many times I am called by people who are having difficulties and I do what I can to help them. Recently a man who was in a state of deep depression called and asked me…

The Palestinian Covenant

A brief look at world conditions clearly indicates that many international disputes concern land ownership, particularly in the Middle East. The so-called occupied territories—the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights—are familiar to anyone who…

The Davidic Covenant

Second Samuel 7:8–16 records a covenant established by God with David, wherein God made three major promises to David. First, God promised that David’s “house” (his physical line of descent) would endure forever (v. 16;

Zvi Aug/Sep 1993

In Isaiah 2:3 it is written, “out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lᴏʀᴅ from Jerusalem.” Most people in Israel know this passage of Scripture…

Zvi Jun/Jul 1993

As it is written in Proverbs 19:21, “There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless, the counsel of the Lᴏʀᴅ, that shall stand.” I recently took my wife to the hospital for treatment…

Zvi Apr/May 1993

Recently I answered a knock at my door, and before me stood several young Hasidic boys who were students at a nearby yeshiva (ultra-Orthodox religious school). They looked rather ashamed of themselves, and I asked…

Ruth and Boaz: The Story of the Kinsman-Redeemer

The Jewish community has always looked upon marriage as a sacred and divine institution. It is viewed as a holy covenant between a man and a woman, a necessity for the divine plan to propagate…

Ruth and the Messiah

The charming little account contained in the Book of Ruth has all the interest-catching elements of an absorbing short story. The reader is exposed to a plot containing elements of tragedy, conflict, characterization, and resolution.

Zvi Feb/Mar 1993

For many years, the people of Israel have been singing about the time of the Messiah’s coming. Of course, we who believe in Christ according to the Scriptures know that He has already come…

Once For All Set Free Galatians 3:15–29

Earlier in Galatians chapter 3, Paul demonstrated that Abraham was justified by faith centuries before the Law was given. In like manner, all who follow in the faith of Abraham—Jew or Gentile—are declared justified without…

Zvi Dec/Jan 1992

The Lord has taught us in His Holy Word how to pray, but sometimes we repeat those words without paying attention to them. If we consider the words carefully, we can see the great meaning…

A Portrait of the Messiah

With the shadow of the cross shading their minds, two of Christ’s disciples left Jerusalem. They were headed for Emmaus, a village seven miles from the city.

Messiah in the Law

The Law is known in Hebrew as the Torah, the first of the three traditional divisions of the Hebrew Bible. The other two divisions are the Prophets and the Writings.

Messiah in the Psalms

In the Hebrew Scriptures, the 150 Psalms are divided into five books. These poems of prayer and praise cover many themes and are often stated in terms of human experience.

Messiah in the Old Testament Prophets

Messiah would come to crush all the Gentile nations gathered against Israel and Jerusalem, save the repentant remnant of Israel, and provide security for Israel (Isa. 59:18–21; 63:1–6; Joel 3; Mic. 5:4–9; Zech. 14:12).

Zvi Oct/Nov 1992

During the recent election campaign here in Israel, the various candidates and parties were engaged in a battle of prestige. Of course, everyone wanted to be prime minister, but, as we say, two kings cannot…

Paul’s Beloved Enemies

The question flows through the minds of those who have pursued the compelling story of God’s ancient people across the pages of the Word of God and down the dusty roads of history.

Paul’s Encounter With the Risen Savior

Regarding the miraculous turnabout of Rabbi Saul, Church historian Philip Schaff, states, “The transformation of the most dangerous persecutor into the most successful promoter of Christianity is nothing less than a miracle of divine grace.

Silhouette of man speaking.

The Schneerson Syndrome

Judging by the number of signs in Israel bearing the slogan “Prepare for the Coming of the Messiah,” one would be led to believe that the nation is gripped by Messianic fervor unparalled in modern…

Zvi Aug/Sep 1992

The Orthodox have many sayings, and by using them they can turn black into white and white into black. Of course, all of this is done in a nice way so that no one is…

Reunified Jerusalem: Twenty-Five Years and Counting

It has been 25 years since those battle-begrimed young paratroopers stood looking up at the Western Wall, the last artifact of the Herodian Temple. Their faces graphically mirrored the awe engendered in the heart…

The Future of Jerusalem

The future of the city of Jerusalem is of vital concern to the three main monotheistic religions of the world—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Each has an historical claim to and a compelling interest in this city.

Zvi Jun/Jul 1992

In Isaiah 11:6 it is written, “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.” One day recently I prayed before leaving my home to go out…


Praised be Thou, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with Thy commandments, and enjoined upon us the mitzvah of kindling the Festival lights …

Be Ye Holy: The Feast of Unleavened Bread

Of all the feasts of Israel, none exemplifies the holy standard of living to which God calls us more than the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Instituted by God and given to the nation of Israel…

After a Half Century

On May 2, 1922—half a century ago—an 18-year old Jewish lad made his confession of faith in Jesus as Messiah and Savior in a small chapel in Warsaw, Poland, in the presence of an assembly…

God’s Plan for the Jews

Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, and all the remnant of the house of Israel, who have been borne by me from their birth, who are carried from the womb;

I’ll Do It My Way, Lord!

The very mention of the name Abraham causes multitudes of people to perk up their ears. Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike look to this patriarch as the founder of their religion.

Zvi Apr/May 1992

We recently experienced something we have not seen in Israel for many years—a storm that produced 16 inches of snow! The children were delighted that they had a few days off from school and could…

Israel in the News Feb/Mar 1992

More than 100 Christian leaders, representing more than 20 million “Bible-believing” Americans, visited Israel recently with the Memphis-based Religious Roundtable. They came, along with a small group of Jews, to express their support…

Zvi Feb/Mar 1992

Since suffering a heart attack several years ago, I must go to the doctor every four months for a checkup. There are usually many people waiting in the doctor’s office, and it often takes several…

The Comfort Of His Coming 1 Thessalonians 1

Comfort is the operative word Paul gave to the suffering saints at Thessalonica. As was often true for first-century Christians, this church was born in affliction and immediately immersed in the caldron of persecution.

Zvi Dec/Jan 1991/1992

My wife suffers from rheumatism, and recently her doctor prescribed a visit to the Dead Sea. Many people from the Middle East, Europe, and other parts of the world come to the Dead Sea…

Messianic Ideas and the Messiah

What did the Jewish people of Jesus’ day believe about the Messiah? What Messianic preconceptions greeted Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God and the Messiah of Israel?

Why Jewish People Don’t Accept the Gospel

Most Christians are aware that Jewish people do not accept the gospel. Some have learned that the methods of evangelism they use with Gentiles do not work when they talk to their Jewish friends about…

Zvi Oct/Nov 1991

I recently noticed several posters in my neighborhood announcing that a famous rabbi would be speaking at our community center. I remembered this rabbi from many years ago when he was a popular television entertainer…

A Trumpet in Zion

Israel’s great fall feasts were celebrations that witnessed a pendulum swing of national emotions sweeping from trepidation to exhilaration. These spectacular festivals, around which all national life revolved, were seasons of intense personal interaction…

Zvi Aug/Sep 1991

We are approaching the two greatest holy days on the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashana (New Year) and Yom Kippur, which is the most solemn day of the year.

Zvi (Joel Of Jerusalem) Jun/Jul 1991

In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, there is no longer a gloomy spirit here in Israel. Many people are walking along the streets of Jerusalem singing Israeli folk songs…

Israel: Changing Faces

The face of our world is changing at an incredible rate. Armies moved through the Middle East packing a military punch never before witnessed on the face of the planet.

Zvi (Joel Of Jerusalem)

In Deuteronomy 20:1 it is written, “be not afraid … for the Lᴏʀᴅ thy God is with thee.” Here in Israel, we are living in the light of this promise day by day…

No Middle Wall

With His talk of crucifixion at Jerusalem, Jesus’ disciples were struck dumb with consternation. Their anticipation and preparation had been geared for the coming Kingdom—a literal, one-thousand-year era during which the Messiah/King Himself would take…

The Parting of the Ways

Although it has sometimes been overlooked, a straightforward reading of the Book of Acts reveals that Christianity began as a sect within the Jewish community. Jesus was born of a Jewish mother, was reared…

Joel of Jerusalem

I recently visited the ultra-orthodox section of Jerusalem, and whenever I go there I always begin the conversation by talking about anything and everything because this is the way to gain their attention and friendship.

“O Come, O Come, Immanuel”

Whether he understood the proper context of his words or not, the 12th-century hymn writer captured the mood of a remnant of Jewry who were longing for the appearance of the Christ.

Joel of Jerusalem Dec/Jan 1990/1991

We are quickly approaching the Feast of Hanukkah, or, as we call it, the Festival of Lights. The celebration is always the same, year in and year out. People recite the same words…

Joel of Jerusalem Oct/Nov 1990

I don’t have to tell you that the situation between Jews and Arabs is very bad, and that is especially true here in Israel. Many Arabs live in my neighborhood, and because I speak Arabic…

Joel of Jerusalem Aug/Sep 1990

As you know, we are experiencing a large immigration of people to Israel from Eastern European countries, especially from Russia. Because Israel is a small country, every area is receiving its share of these immigrants…

Joel of Jerusalem Jun/Jul 1990

The Lord Jesus said, “when they bring you unto the synagogues, … be not anxious how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say; For the Holy Spirit shall teach you in…

The First Priority

The Apostle Paul put it this way: “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved” (Rom. 10:1). Jesus said it even more concisely: “For the Son…

Who Is the True Messiah?

We nearly fell out of our cushioned synagogue seats when we heard the rabbi’s answer! I had accompanied a group of believers from a suburban Detroit church to a conservative synagogue to learn more about…

Replacing the Heart of Stone

“Born Again Jews are Rocking in the U.S.S.R.” This was the headline on the second page of the September 1989 edition of the local San Diego Jewish newspaper. With much anticipation, I read the article.

Joel of Jerusalem Apr/May 1990

I recently met an old friend and learned that he had been very ill and in the hospital for quite a while. I could tell just by looking at him that he was not…

Joel of Jerusalem Feb/Mar 1990

It is no secret that people have a fear of death. It is an unknown commodity, and people are naturally afraid of the unknown. But death cannot be avoided.

Silhouette of man speaking.

Moving to the Final Decade

In a matter of days we will collectively enter the final ten years of this millennium. It has been a long haul, and there were times along the way when it looked as though humanity would not make it.

The Mythology of the Magi

The visit of the magi to the Child-Messiah, recorded in Matthew 2:1–12, is one of the most familiar biblical scenes to most Christians. The average conception of this event, however, has been unfortunately marred…

I Have a Jewish Friend

Hi my name is Amy, and I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again. That makes me a Christian. I know I’ll go to Heaven when I die.

Joel of Jerusalem Dec/Jan 1989/1990

It is getting near the time of year when Jews over the world celebrate Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights, an exciting time, especially for the children. Of course, there is very little said in Israel about Christmas

The Restoration of Israel Part Two

A number of years ago the late David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel, received a letter from Dr. William Culbertson of Moody Bible Institute. After thanking Mr. Ben-Gurion for meeting with him during his stay in Israel…

Miraculously Spared

Abu Ghosh, Israel—Miracles do not happen everyday; therefore, when they do occur, we must thank the Lord, who alone has the power to perform miracles. So it was with my wife and me on Thursday, July 6.

The Restoration of Israel Part One

Every Gentile Christian should have a keen interest in the future of the Jewish people. Without a firm conviction in a future plan for Israel, Gentiles can open themselves up to pride and arrogance toward the Jew.

A Debt to Pay

Question 20 people on the street about why America has risen to become a land of such power and plenty, and you are likely to hear 20 different answers.

The Visit of the Boy Jesus to Jerusalem

The raving maniac died! The various loathsome diseases which inflicted Herod the Great had claimed his impious life. Archlaus, his eldest son, had received the subordinate title of Ethnarch, and his jurisdiction was over Judea…

Joel of Jerusalem Aug/Sep 1989

In Ecclesiastes 1:9b–10 it is written, “there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? It hath been already of old time, which was before us.”

The Purpose of Israel’s Stumble

When Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, asked his chaplain to give him the strongest evidence for the Christian faith, his chaplain’s reply was, “Israel!” Long after other great civilizations have expired…

Joel of Jerusalem Jun/Jul 1989

I recently read an interview in one of Israel’s largest newspapers concerning a woman who was celebrating her one hundredth birthday. She lives in a nursing home which accepts only those who are capable of paying the expensive rates charged.

A Man Called Hezi

Sunday, February 26, was a beautiful morning in Midland, Texas. In less than five minutes I would be preaching the first two morning messages at the Midland Bible Church. I was anxious to get into the pulpit.

Has God Rejected Israel? Romans 11:1-10

That’s the question the Apostle Paul posed as he opened the 11th chapter of Romans. For nearly two thousand years, many have asked the same question, and the majority of Christendom has answered, “Yes.”

Joel of Jerusalem Apr/May 1989

While traveling recently, I met and spoke with two men who are representatives of the educational system in Israel.  They had just returned from a visit to the United States to observe the schools in that country. 

The Charge Against Israel Part 2

“I didn’t hear you!” Those were probably the most often used words of my early school years. There was nothing wrong with my ears. My hearing wasn’t impaired. I simply chose to let my mind wander and not pay attention to my teachers.