The Message of the Gospel

As we read the book of Job today, we have the advantage of seeing what Job could not see: the spiritual challenge that…

Meditating on God

Health experts agree that walking 10,000 steps a day is a good thing. So I do this “good thing” regularly, and I can tell you that my Oy veys grow louder every time I start walking. But I can also tell you that…

The Absurdity of Idolatry

Sam Coonrod made news last summer when he refused to kneel. The then-27-year-old relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants was the only baseball player…

Life Under the Sun Eccl. 1-3

How do we find meaning in life? That is a question people around the world ask themselves. Even Israel’s King Solomon, the wisest, richest man who ever lived, asked it…

The Reason for Our Hope

John was the lead pastor of a medium-sized church for 10 years. Things had been running relatively smoothly until the news broke…

From the Editor Jan/Feb 2020

Two things I feel like I’ve known about since the day I was born are the Holocaust and the State of Israel. Some people feel these entities are unrelated…

Inside View Jan/Feb 2020

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry is an evangelical organization. We share the gospel with everyone willing to listen. The word evangelical comes from the Greek…

Home to Eden

When you arrive in heaven, Saint Peter will greet you at the pearly gates with your eternal itinerary. You’ll receive your wings and a halo, take a seat on your white fluffy cloud…

How to Get to Heaven

The climax to the popular animated Christmas movie The Polar Express is the song “Believe” sung by Josh Groban, in which he repeats the phrase…

Standing Secure in Christ

False teaching had shaken the Thessalonians’ faith. It had persuaded them they were living in the Day of the Lord…

“What Shall We Then Say To These Things?”

Each year Jewish people the world over observe the feast of Passover. The dinner on the first evening of the seven-day observance is very special. It is called the “seder.” And, for the children especially, it is a time of great excitement.

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

Our world appears to be infinite. The more scientists measure the universe, the more they realize it is immeasurable. The more they seek to describe it within boundaries, the more they realize it is boundless.

He Sat Down!

Sitting down is no special thing. Secretaries sit down. Executives sit down. Students sit down much of the time. People sit down to eat their meals.  People sit down to watch television. People sit down to socialize.

The Sad Ones and The Savior

The passengers were seated in the jetliner as it climbed to its cruising altitude. Over the intercom came a calm voice notifying everyone that the plane was fully automated – in fact, there were no cabin attendants and no pilots!

The Holiness Of Places Where God Is Uniquely Present

The previous article concerning the holiness of God indicated that holiness is the quality of being different, distinct or unique from the common or ordinary. In light of this concept of holiness…

The Day of The Lord Unveiled

Judah had asked, “Where is the God of justice?” With sarcastic skepticism, the nation had questioned whether God was even available to take just action against the wicked and provide justice for the righteous.

El Shaddai: The Almighty God

One of the most popular Christian songs of recent years is entitled “El Shaddai.” El Shaddai is one of the compound names for God. It occurs seven times in the Bible.


William Shakespeare immortalized the question, “What’s in a name?” Let’s attempt an answer. The Apocrypha states, “A name endures while beauty wanes.” A famous rabbi wrote, “No monument gives such glory as an unsullied name.”


The two previous articles examined the first six dispensations which are recognized by the majority of Dispensational Theologians. This article will review the seventh dispensation and will consider several significant factors related to Dispensational Theology.

A Presentation of Dispensational Theology

The majority of Dispensational Theologians are convinced that the Scriptures reveal seven dispensations of God’s rule which cover the scope of history. Inasmuch as foundational matters related to Dispensational Theology were considered in the previous article…

An Evaluation of Covenant Theology

In the previous article concerning Covenant Theology, several aspects of that system’s Covenant of Grace were considered. In this present article further aspects of that same Covenant of Grace will be examined.

Covenant Theology

Over the last three to four hun­dred years Bible-believing schol­ars have developed two distinct approaches to expositing the Bible’s philosophy of history. Each approach has produced a system of theology.

PASSOVER: Redemption through the Lamb

Paramount to all other thoughts in the Passover is the one of redemption. As Jew­ish people the world round sit at the Pass­over table every year, they remember God’s faithfulness in delivering His people Israel.

A Word of Hope

For many people, ‘hope’ is simply the balancing of probabilities. A man wants to play golf. He looks out the window and says, “I ‘hope’ it doesn’t rain today” – but he knows it might.

God Keeps His Promises . . .

God’s promises are always enough – His Word is truth. He is not a man, that He should lie (Num. 23:19). What God’s mouth has spoken, His right arm of power will always perform.

Messiah’s Resurrection Foretold in The Old Testament

The Old Testament declares the bodily resurrection of Christ. This doctrine is normally understood because of New Testament teaching. What is not commonly understood is that the Old Testament substantiates this same truth.

He’s Got The Whole World…

There comes a day among men and nations when the cup of iniquity is filled full — when the mercy of God repeatedly flaunted issues in the judgment of God (Gen. 6:5-7; Jer. 9)

The Purging of Planet Earth

The Apostle John had both a unique opportunity and a heartrending experience as he watched God’s prophetic program of redemption for mankind brought to its culmination.

God’s Gift to YOU

“Why” is one of mankind’s most searching words. It is the word of the seeker — the word of the individual who wants to understand the “cause” of human events.