Israel in the News Apr/May 1996

Despite calls for a boycott by fundamentalists, Palestinian voters turned out in record numbers to give long-time Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat a victory and a mandate for continuing the peace process with Israel.

Israel in the News Feb/Mar 1996

Some 57% of the population trusts that … Prime Minister Shimon Peres will be able to lead the country and continue the peace process, according to a survey of 500 Jewish adults…

Israel in the News Jun/Jul 1995

News photos of Palestinian policemen raising a Nazi-style salute increase anxiety among Holocaust survivors, according to a Bikur Holim Hospital psychiatrist who researched survivors’ ability to cope with the present.

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The Specter of the Holocaust

“We still have the option of Jihad.” These were the words of PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat after three Palestinians were killed when Israeli soldiers returned fire leveled at them in the Gaza Strip.

Holocaust: A Christian Atrocity?

And so I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord (Adolf Hitler, August 13, 1920).

Denying the Dead

It has often been said that truth is stranger than fiction. That is certainly the case when studying the writings of those who deny the occurrence of the Holocaust.

Gentiles Who Dared to Save Jews

Why risk your life to save Jews? It was obvious that the easiest and safest position was to be complacent about Hitler’s obsession to annihilate the Jewish race.

Holocaust: It’s An Old Story

The specter of the Holocaust has ranged across the face of the centuries in an unrelenting effort to destroy the nation of Israel and its people. But always, in spite of the worst that devils…

Are There Horns Under That Hat?

Several years ago there was a TV series called Little House on the Prairie. One of the show’s characters, a youngster named Albert, became friendly with an elderly Jewish man.

Israel in the News Apr/May 1995

The US has received signals from 18 Arab states that they will make peace with Israel once it and Syria have struck an accord, sources in the Clinton administration and outside it have told the…

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The infamous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are referred to a number of times in this issue of Israel My Glory. Peddling the venomous fabrications of the Protocols has been the stock-in-trade of anti-Semitic…

Surviving the Holocaust

Ten-year-old Henryk stood in the window looking out for a long time. In the courtyard below he could see small children playing games. The gate through which his mother had left the orphanage seemed disproportionately…

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Two Faces of the Middle East

The trees look a bit better along Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv these days. New leaves have sprouted on limbs that were denuded of foliage when a mad bomber from Hamas triggered an explosive device…

Israel in the News Feb/Mar 1995

Fifty-seven percent of Israelis would oppose a full withdrawal from the Golan Heights even in exchange for full peace with Syria, according to a Gallup poll conducted for The Jerusalem Post and the Independent Media…

Israel in the News Dec/Jan 1994/1995

A Roman Catholic Church document acknowledging the “co-responsibility” for the Holocaust has been drafted, it was revealed recently. The document goes far beyond any previous official Catholic pronouncement regarding the Christian roots of anti-Semitism…

Israel in the News Oct/Nov 1994

Jerusalem will remain the capital of the Jewish people forever, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin told the conference of Jewish National Fund leaders recently. He was responding to a statement by PLO leader Yasser Arafat that…

Israel in the News Aug/Sep 1994

The reason is the source of the request—the United Nations, which has asked Israel to assist in its peacekeeping efforts in Angola by supplying an Israeli-staffed field hospital…

Israel in the News Jun/Jul 1994

As Yasser Arafat’s administrative style comes under increasing fire, some Palestinians in the territories think the PLO Chairman could learn a lesson or two from Israeli democracy, the New York Times recently reported.

Israel in the News Apr/May 1994

Arabs rioted both within and across the Green Line in response to the massacre at the Machpela Cave (Tomb of the Patriarchs) in Hebron. The IDF said 54 Palestinians were killed in the shooting…

Israel in the News Feb/Mar 1994

In an October 16 speech, Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi called on Arabs to “liquidate Israel” in the same way that “the Westerners liquidate Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina.” In his remarks …

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Who’s at the Controls?

Dramatic events played out in areas of the world far removed from one another often appear and are, in fact, unrelated. Occasionally, however, a cohesive dimension developing on a larger scale reflects the fact that…

Israel in the News Dec/Jan 1993/1994

“I appeal to everyone to tone down the public debate … and not to say that following one course of action will lead to a holocaust, while following another will not,” President Ezer Weizman said…

Homeward Bound

The United States of America was built by immigrants. In the earliest days, they came from England, Holland, and Spain, often seeking freedom from religious persecution.

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Viewing the Evidence

Looks of revulsion marked the faces of primly dressed Aryan ladies who pressed handkerchiefs against mouths and noses as a defense against the acrid stench rising from the piles of bodies and charred remains draped…

Israel in the News Oct/Nov 1993

Akrameh Sabri, senior imam of Al-Aksa Mosque, last week called for the “liberation of Jerusalem,” attacking Mayor Teddy Kolleck and “Israelis on both the right and left, who claim the city is united.

Israel in the News Aug/Sep 1993

When Switzerland’s Federal Assembly elected her interior minister in mid-March, Ruth Dreyfuss became only the second woman ever named to the notoriously conservative seven member Federal Council that runs the country…

Terror in the Streets

The bombing of the World Trade Center in New York did more than shake the skyline of the teeming metropolis. Americans were rudely awakened to the fact that terrorism is not a phenomenon…

Israel in the News Jun/Jul 1993

Gies and his wife, Miep, helped hide the Frank family and five other Jews in a loft above Otto Frank’s own business from July 1942 until August 1944, when the entire group was discovered…

Then There Are Christians

It wasn’t too many years ago that we were hearing a great deal about the inherent goodness of man. Scorning the biblically mandated necessity of redemption, liberal religionists promoted the “divine spark” theory.

Why Anti-Semitism?

Why have the Jewish people been persecuted more persistently than any other ethnic group throughout history? Why, in spite of overwhelming evidence of the Holocaust, do some deny that it happened?

An Uneasy Tension

Relationships between Jews and Christians have always been characterized by an uneasy tension, which has at times turned into violence of the worst kind. At other times, relations between the two have been more peaceful…

Anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages

“During the second half of the fourteenth century, anti-Jewish hatred reached such a peak that we can confidently date from this period the crystallization of anti-Semitism in its classic form…

A History of Anti-Semitism

This chart, although extensive, is not meant to be complete. Many other instances of anti-Semitism in South America, North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa could be cited.

Combating Anti-Semitism in the Church

There is nothing new in the current outburst of global anti-Semitism. It has been around for many centuries. In fact, it had its beginnings with Satan after God called the Jews to be a people…

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Inside Hitler’s Mind

Probing the mind of Adolf Hitler is not an exercise in the macabre that would better be forgotten. For decades, Jews, who were insisting that we remember the Holocaust, were advised to stop their morbid…

Israel in the News Apr/May 1993

Israeli officials are outraged over the possible sale of an American super-secret spy satellite to the United Arab Emirates. For years Israel has begged Americans, with out success, to receive detailed satellite pictures…

Israel in the News Feb/Mar 1993

The proportion of immigrant scientists has risen over the past few months from 15 to 25 of every 1,000 olim. Absorption Minister Yair Tsaban said the increase could be attributed to the deteriorating economic situation…

Israel in the News Dec/Jan 1992

Is expansion possible? Prospects of possible expansion to the south were surrendered by Israel when it returned the Sinai to Egypt. To the north? Israel regards its presence in southern Lebanon as a temporary security…

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A Thousand of Them

When Yitzhak Rabin was swept into office last June, he promised to slow the growth of settlements, get the peace talks back on track, shore up relations with the U.S., and rearrange the national priorities.

Israel in the News Oct/Nov 1992

A host of scholars gathered here for the first international seminar on anti-Semitism in post-totalitarian Europe were unable to agree on what has kept hatred of Jews alive for 2,000 years.

Israel in the News Aug/Sep 1992

The vast majority of Muslims are not Arabs. India, for example, has a Muslim population of about 95 million. Indonesia, a Pacific Ocean archipelago, has a total population of more than 190 million;

Israel in the News Jun/Jul 1992

Likud USA mourns the passing of one of Israel’s Founding Fathers, Menachem Begin. Begin was one of the “Gedolei HaDor,” or giants of his generation. He was one of the greatest Jewish leaders…

Israel in the News Apr/May 1992

The heads of a visiting Odessa delegation last week warned their Israeli hosts of the dangers inherent in nuclear weapons falling into the hands of Soviet Moslem republics about to declare their independence.

Israel in the News Feb/Mar 1992

More than 100 Christian leaders, representing more than 20 million “Bible-believing” Americans, visited Israel recently with the Memphis-based Religious Roundtable. They came, along with a small group of Jews, to express their support…

The Madness and Tragedy of 1492

No single event in the history of Medieval Europe stirs the imagination more than the expulsion of Spanish Jewry in 1492. It was the most infamous of all expulsions, striking an entire population of hundreds…

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The Truth Will Out

For years a perception prevailed that cast the liberal wing of mainstream Christianity as the true friends of Jewry, whose dialoguing with Jews was earmarked by no mention of Christ, and who actively promoted…

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Burying a Swastika

We have written in this space a number of times about neo-Nazis and their fellow travelers who dispense hatred for the Jewish people with a passion reminiscent of their mustachioed champion, Adolf Hitler.

Israel in the News Dec/Jan 1991/1992

More than half the Soviet people want all Jews to leave the country, according to a poll released … at the international conference on antisemitism held in the Soviet Union.

Judaism in Crisis

“American Jewry is in the midst of a spiritual holocaust, one it has unleashed upon itself,” says syndicated columnist Sheldon Engelmayer. Engelmayer’s sentiment is being echoed by the Jewish religious community on many fronts these days.

Operation Solomon

Many questions have been asked recently about the Jewish people in Ethiopia and their immigration to Israel. These Ethiopian Jews are sometimes referred to as the Falashas. Who are they? How did they become Jewish?

The American Jew: Stranger in Our Midst

The 19th century witnessed thousands of European Jews pouring through Ellis Island to their new home in America. They were greeted by words penned by a Jewess, Emma Lazarus, and mounted in bronze…

Israel in the News Aug/Sep 1991

Aircraft from Ethiopian Airlines, El Al and the Israeli Charter Co. began lifting off from Addis Ababa Airport about 1:30 p.m. yesterday for the 1/2-hour flight to Tel Aviv.

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The Games People Play

The chilling revelation of neo-Nazi video games that have become popular among young people in Germany and Austria threw yet another shock wave across a world that, to many, just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Israel in the News Jun/Jul 1991

Israel’s first group of exchange students to the People’s Republic of China has gotten a close-up look at Chinese rural life. The first Israelis … have just finished their first semester at an out-of-the-way teacher’s…

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Patriots All

When the first SCUD missiles broke the night skies over Tel Aviv, Israelis raced for gas masks and the world braced for what Israel would do in retaliation to the attacks.

Israel in the News Apr/May 1991

The European Community, in a major turnabout, has decided to negotiate an enhanced role for Israel in the economically integrated Europe of 1992. The Brussels-based European Community Commission has informally jettisoned its policy of linking…

Israel in the News Feb/Mar 1991

Following a foiled attempt to infiltrate Israel by three Jordanian police officers and one civilian, Israel is looking closely at the stability of King Hussein’s regime in Jordan. Israeli military leaders have continually expressed concern…

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A Prescription for Terror

Anti-Semitism is rising like a dark tide across the face of our planet. Over the past seven months there has been a dramatic upswing in anti-Semitic activity.

Communism’s One Good Thing

There’s something compelling about seeing those big wrecking balls swinging from cranes, bashing the walls of obsolete buildings into of rubbish. Even more fascinating is the countdown for the triggering of explosives set against supporting…

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Live and Let Die

A visit to Yad Vashem, Jewry’s memorial to the Holocaust, is a haunting experience. Yes, “experience” is the correct word, because Yad Vashem is something more felt than seen.

Intifada: A Special Report

Intifada—the word carries the ring of a ricocheting bullet. It translates to English as uprising, the symbol of Arab rebellion against Israeli rule. To Ishmael’s children, it is a dream word, a word pregnant with visions of an Arab mini-state.

Intifada: Through a Soldier’s Eyes

The following interview was done by Israel My Glory with an Israeli believer who is a Sabra (a Jew born in Israel). His comments mirror the frustration, resentment, and personal problems encountered…

Obadiah: The Penalty of Prejudice

In 1897 Wilhelm Marr coined the term “anti-Semitism” to explain the European prejudice and persecution against the Jew. Such bigotry was not new; it has stalked the Jew from the brickyards of Egypt to the death camps of Europe.

THE DAY OF THE LORD: Judgment of The Nations Part Six

The struggles and sufferings of Israel are well documented from Egyptian slavery to the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. Like an echo, the Dias­pora Jew would face nineteen more centuries of anguish as the shadow…

AN UNEASY TENSION: Jews and Christians Through the Ages Part Two

For the first two hundred years of church history the relationship between Christians and their Jewish neighbors is best character­ized by the phrase, an “uneasy tension.” During this period, there was no evidence of outright Christian persecution of the Jews.

45 Years of God’s Blessings!

The year was 1938. The place was Nazi Germany. Hitler was in control. He had forged his master plan. It included world conquest and the establishment of an Aryan master race.

Book Review Editorial: SEVEN FALSE ARGUMENTS

Recently a new book was shown to me which has as its theme the fact that Jewish-Zionists are the secret force bringing ruination to the Christian world. The author claims to be a born-again Christian…

Holocaust Fact or Fiction

The English word holocaust comes to us through Latin and is derived from a Hebrew word meaning a sacrifice taken to the altar to be burnt before God. The Old Testament Jews were familiar with this concept of total burning…

How Dark The Night

Anti-Semitism is an ugly word. Just men have always abhorred it. But, like a bad dream, it refuses to go away. Historians, social scientists, philosophers, theologians — all are hard pressed to explain this perpetual…

Victory In Prayer

Daniel was a man of prayer. He learned early in life how to lay hold of God and be able to get answers from Him. He won many spiritual battles on his knees…